Causes and Treatment for Hip Pain

Causes and Treatment for Hip Pain

Know about the causes, treatment of hip pain and about the hip replacement with an expert chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann.

Although commonly found in adults and females, hip pain is not limited to age or sex. From temporary hip pain to chronic ones like cartilage breakdown, hip pain treatments can be short term or long-standing. However, having pain in any part of the body either severe or mild is not something to ignore. From difficulty in bending, to stiffness while climbing stairs, to limping, the daily lives are hampered. If this is you, hear what an expert Thomas Gehrmann has to say about hip pain, causes, and treatment.

What are the causes of hip pain?

Pain can come from the outside or inside of the hip, outer buttocks, lower thighs or it can even be coming from your lower back or lower abdomen. Hence, being a condition that is caused by a variety of issues, knowing the causes of hip pain can be difficult to define. “The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that is strong and highly stable for legs and upper body movement,” says Thomas Gehrmann, a renowned Chiropractor in Colorado Springs.

Over time, the overall makeup of the hip can get tired due to wear and tall and result in hip pain. “Sometimes, pin in the hip can also be as a result of fall or injury or even a deformity someone is born with. Understanding where the pain is coming from and the causes are the first steps in treatment” says Thomas Gehrmann. However, the most common conditions and causes of hip pains are: arthritis, hip fractures, Trochanteric bursitis, muscle and cartilage tears, osteoporosis, tendonitis, cancer, and osteomyelitis

When should you see a doctor?

Before visiting a doctor, it is important to take note of where the pain is coming from. Healthcare makes use of physical examination, history and other medical examinations such as X-rays to diagnose the problem. Visit the doctor immediately if you:

Fell and you felt a crack in the hip bone

Have difficulties performing daily activities such as climbing the stairs, bending

Experience pain or soreness when you sleep over the hips, walk or move the leg

Can’t bear heavyweight

Treatment of hip pain

Hip pains treatment depends on the cause and the degree of pain. While some can be treated with over the counter medication or pain reliever, chronic ones might require a hip replacement. Besides, there are some that require patients to take enough sleep, exercise, massage, or simply cold application. Some hip pains like the ones caused by strains on tendons or tendinitis can be managed at home and relieve with over-the-counter medications such as anti-inflammatory medications.

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