The F word - Fraud from a Victims Perspective

The F word - Fraud from a Victims Perspective

We often hear about fraud from the perpetrators side, but rarely from the victims side. Come join us on Thursday for a chat with the victim of fraud

Jane Doe (The victim and perpetrator's names are changed to protect the guilty!) is a bright, successful businesswoman. How did she become a victim of fraud? Join Forensic Restitution this Thursday, 30th July, at 1 pm (Toronto time) for this week's topic: fraud from a victim's perspective.

In this 30-minute open discussion led by Tamara Kido, you will hear insights on:

1) How Jane became involved with the fraudsters

2) How the fraudsters manipulated Jane

3) How Jane discovered the fraud

4) How Jane managed to exit the scam

5) Tips on how not to become a victim

6) Conclusion and Q&A

Questions? If you have any specific questions you would like addressed, please forward them beforehand to

Topic: Fraud from a Victim's Perspective

Time: 30th July 2020, 1:00 pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register: Please join us on Zoom using the following login details:

Meeting ID: 851 8986 4290 Passcode: 093538