5 Popular Areas for Men’s Laser Hair Removal

5 Popular Areas for Men’s Laser Hair Removal

Today, men are doing laser hair removal for all the same reasons the women are. It makes dealing with unwanted, problematic hair a thing of the past.

Nina L’Allure Laser Hair Removal Studios are seeing more and more men turning to laser hair removal for their grooming needs. The razor burn, irritation and ingrown hairs on the front of the neck are a thing of the past after laser hair removal.

For men, facial hair, hair on the front and back of the neck, hair on top of the shoulders and hair on the back needs to be maintained. Men do not want ingrown hairs on their necks and face, irritation on the neck from shaving, or hair creeping out of their dress shirt.

5 Popular areas for Men’s Laser Hair removal


Trimming or shaving hair in the facial area is a tedious task, and the effects never seem to last very long. Laser Hair Removal makes your grooming routine easier, less time-consuming, and will maintain a clean fresh line to your face. Those pesky hairs that turn two eyebrows into a unibrow, are no longer an issue!

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The Neck

When the neck is treated it is often because of ingrown hairs and or irritation from shaving. Often the skin is red and inflamed from shaving. Laser hair removal will remove the hair permanently. When men get their hair cut the barber will shave the back of the neck. As soon as your hair begins to grow, the hair on the back of the neck returns. Laser hair removal makes it easier to maintain short haircuts and spend less money going in for touch-ups.

Chest and Shoulders

Some men may prefer the feel of smooth skin to coarse hair on the chest area. Hair on the shoulders is a grooming nightmare. With laser hair removal you can enjoy the smooth feeling without the trouble of shaving.


The back is one of the most popular laser hair removal treatments for men. It is difficult to reach the top of the back to shave the hair Laser hair removal makes dealing with the hair on the back a non-issue. It simplifies the grooming process, and once the hair is treated it is permanently removed.

Nina L'Allure, Burlington, Laser Hair Removal


With a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, you can shape and remove whatever hair you want. And let’s just face it. Everyone has unwanted butt hair. By opting for laser hair removal in this area, you ensure painless and permanent hair reduction that will make you feel cleaner and more confident.

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