Top things to do in Sydney

Top things to do in Sydney

The city with UNESCO world heritage site, Opera House has many top things to do such as wine tasting, kangaroo sighting, skiing which will make it all memorable

Sydney, the capital of North Wales is located in Southeastern Australia is popularly known for its world largest natural harbor, the Sydney Harbor. Sydney has a lot to offer other than sun kissed beaches and the opera house. You can visit blue mountains which is best for skiing in winter and hiking during hot days, and visit some vineyards and have mouth watering food at some of the world’s best restaurants. City's official website here


You definitely need a couple of days to explore the entire city and with short listing the top 5 things to visit, your trip can take a wonderful director giving you amazing experiences.

1. Catch up with live shows: The first thing that will hit your mind to watch a show or an Opera is the world-famous Opera house. This UNESCO world heritage site has many theatres shows, stand-up comedy shows, Indie concerts for you to relax and enjoy some time here.

2. Blue Mountains: The scenic blue mountains are a photogenic location which make you fall in love with it instantly. Get into the world’s steepest passenger railway and enjoy the rain forest which will take you to the beautiful Blue mountains. You can enjoy skiing in winter, hiking in summer and kangaroo sighting here.

Top things to do in Sydney

Blue Mountains

3. Taronga Zoo: This zoo is flooded by many tourists during summer to meet Kangaroos, Koalas and Platypuses. Don’t miss to see the aerial view of the entire zoo through a cable car. You can enjoy a photography session with the Koalas for your social media boasting!

4. Sydney Harbor Bridge: Take a walk or cycle on this masterpiece to appreciate its architecture. It is an arch shaped bridge which gives a complete view of the Sydney harbor from its top.

Top things to do in Sydney

Sydney Harbor Bridge

5. Visit to hunter valley: A popular vineyard of Sydney which is quiet innovative. Enjoy hot air balloon rides in hunter valley to enjoy the spectacular views of the entire region from top of the sky.

Top things to do in Sydney

Hunter Valley

Sydney is a city which has a lot to offer to the children, youth and old-age. Plan your trip rightly to enjoy these top things to do in Sydney.