Top 5 things to do in Sveti Stefan

Top 5 things to do in Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, a small islet along with a five-star resort located not too far from the coast of Montenegro in the Adriatic Sea, is a famous tourist location.

The resort is owned by the International Franchise called Aman Resorts and is luxurious by all means. It is a great place to just zone out from the rest of the world and have a peaceful vacation in the sea. If you happen to visit Sveti Stefan in the future, make sure to not miss out on any of the following things by any chance.

1. Visit the Praskvica Monastery- Sveti Stefan was the former capital of Pastrovic. This Monastery used to be an important political place for the locals of this region before the split. Named after the water that flows nearby which smells like peach fruit, this monastery will help you calm yourself and connect with yourself and nature.

2. Take a walk on the Sveti Stefan beach- Did you really enjoy your vacation if you didn’t spend time on the beach. Surrounded by mountains and water on almost all sides, make sure to go swimming whenever you possibly but be careful as the water gets too deep too quickly. Everything from the sand to the pebbles feels wonderful and the view of the sunset is pure bliss.

3. Go to the Milocher Park- This Natural Park will make you fall in love with the islet if you already aren’t. Surrounded by dense olive trees and a number of exotic trees, this park is enormous and the hanging bridge will surely blow you away. Be prepared to get lost in nature.

4. Try the local restaurants- The food in Sveti Stefan, particularly the Pastrovic cuisine will have you licking your fingers and the best way to taste it is to go to a local restaurant that serves authentic Pastrovic food. You could try the Pastrovica Dvori, the Pod Murvom, or even the recently opened Nobu to get your taste buds tingling.

5. Take a Hike to Crvena Glavica- Just south of Sveti Stefan lies a group of small beaches. These rocky beaches with red sand prove to be an amazing spot for a short hike but be prepared for it, as it will not be an easy hike. The hike is bumpy and the terrain is uneven but it is worth every bit of your effort for the destination is a sight to reminisce for a lifetime.

It is one of the most amazing places that you should definitely visit especially if you want a mingling of both culture and artistic views.