Top 5 things to do in Porto

Top 5 things to do in Porto

Porto, the city from which Portugal derives its name, is the second-largest city in the country. Recently popularized as a tourist hotspot.

Porto is a city rich in historical significance dating back to the days of the First World War or even before that. There might be numerous places for you to visit from the churches to the cafés. However, we have a list of the top five places that are a must-visit when in Porto.

1. Definitely visit Cais da Ribeira – The narrow, cobbled streets of the riverside are a lively place that will have your head-turning. The colorful houses, intertwined alleys, and the local market will make you fall in love with the city once again.

2.Sao Francisco Church is architecture at its best- Better known as The Church of Saint Francis, this church dates back to the thirteenth century and UNESCO has declared it as a World Heritage Site. Located exactly in the prime center of the city, it is a marvelous example of the Baroque decoration in its interior along with the Gothic influence. The statue of St. Francis and the rose windows will have you staring for hours. If you are looking for a peaceful start to your sight-seeing, it is the place to be.

3. Clerigos Church is a must- Also known as Torre dos Clerigos, this monument stands at above seventy-five meters in height and can be seen from across the city skyline. Built-in the eighteenth century, the granite tower is going to test your legs. Having the same Baroque interior, it is just as beautiful and symbolic of the artistic history of the city.

4. Don’t miss The Palacio da Bolsa- Called the Stock Exchange Palace, it was built by the merchants to boost the commercial relations of the city. Located just around the St. Francis Church, it is a relatively new building dating back to the nineteenth century. It is still the headquarters for commerce.

5. The Ponte Luis I Bridge comes alive at night- This giant bridge is famous not only in Porto but all over Europe. Connecting Porto with the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, this metallic bridge also has a walking space on either side to enjoy the view. Stretching over a hundred and seventy-two meters in length, this bridge provides a beautiful view of the backdrop of the city.

Along with these five spots, there is the Cathedral, the National Museum, the Music House, and many other spots that will have you appreciate the true beauty of the city. Make sure to visit these places first the next time you are in Porto.