Top 5 things to do in Istanbul

Top 5 things to do in Istanbul
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Istanbul is considered to be an extremely complicated city having a rich history and culture.

Previously known as Constantinople, Istanbul should be on the travel list of everybody out there. While visiting the city, you will explore the most significant attractions in a relaxed manner while enjoying the ambiance. The location of Istanbul at the crossroads of Asia and Europe helps to make it one of the best cosmopolitan cities on the planet. Here are the top 5 things to do in Istanbul.

1.Visit The Blue Mosque- This particular mosque has become one of the most well-known attractions in Istanbul. It is Turkey’s national mosque and features blue tiles. It has also got no less than six minarets.

2. Don't Miss Out on Hagia Sophia-This unique attraction was initially a Byzantine Church, following that an Ottoman Mosque, and at present, it is a Turkish museum. Its former glory is reflected by the great mosaic walls, as well as vaulted chambers.

3. The Hippodrome is a must- This had been the leading center for organizing historic Istanbul events. Numerous gladiator fights, chariot races, and royal celebrations have taken place on these grounds. The Obelisk, situated at the center of this place, happens to be a concrete block of granite belonging to the 13th-century and weighs more than 60 tones. It was shifted to Istanbul from the temple of Luxor in Egypt by Emperor Theodosius.

4. Delve in the History of Topkapi Palace- This particular site, which was once the seat of the Ottoman power, will require at least one day of exploring. Here you will come across the Imperial Treasury, the Harem, as well as astounding views of the courtyard.

5. Visit The Grand Bazaar- This is considered to be amongst the most well-known markets on the planet. Its official name is KapaliCarsi in Turkey. It was built shortly after conquering Constantinople. At present, there are more than 4000 outlets right here with different types of goods as well.

Apart from these places of interest, there are also several others, which have made Istanbul one of the most popular destinations in the world. While you’re in the city, you will inevitably experience the historical and contemporary in one place.