Top 5 Things to Do in Brno

Top 5 Things to Do in Brno

Brno, a city of modern architecture in the Czech Republic is one of its hottest tourist spots right after Prague.

Brno is also the second-largest city of the country and holds a lot of beautiful treasures that one could indulge in. Try starting your journey with our top suggestions listed below.

1. Definitely Visit The Brno Zoo- This zoo dates back to the 1950’s and serves as a house for over hundreds of distinct species of animals. Animals range anywhere from grizzly bears to different kinds of fish and reptiles. This place even has several breeding and conservation programs that will blow you away. No better way to start your sightseeing than connecting with Mother Nature.

Top 5 Things to Do in Brno

Brno Zoo

2. Moravian Karst and Caves will relax you- Visiting this place is a breeze in itself, literally. Spread over a 100 kilometers, this structure contains over a thousand registered caves, out of which five are accessible for the common folks. You’ll be taken aback by the stalactites and stalagmites, find out for yourself.

3. The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is a must-visit- Located in the center of Brno, this cathedral is one of the most visited tourist spots and serves as a prime example of their architecture. Standing over a whopping eighty meters in height, the mid-day bells that are rung in the tower can be heard almost across the entire city. If you are looking for somewhere peaceful and rich in cultural heritage, it is the place to go.

4. Moravian Museum’s heritage should be studies- The Moravian museum inside the monumental Dietrichstein Palace showcases the wonderful Baroque style of architecture and is said to be the oldest museum in the Czech Republic. What makes this place even more interesting is that this museum is a place where you get to see more than five million artifacts, all of which hold a historic significance.

5. The Spilberk Castle is full of History- This castle is as old as the thirteenth century and is built on a hill overlooking the entire city. This castle has been utilized as almost anything from a castle to a prison and today it stands as the Brno City Museum and is an excellent example of the architectural heritage of the city. You might even be fortunate enough to experience a literature festival or other cultural events, which are occasionally held here.

In addition to all these places, there is the Tugendhat Villa, the Veveri Castle, and the Capuchin Church if you are looking for more places to go to.