Five romantic things to do in Paris

Five romantic things to do in Paris

A city of Love, Paris is beautiful, mesmerizing which you must visit with your beloved once in a lifetime! Explore the beauty of this city with these 5 things!

Paris, capital of France, is a dream destination for many. People fall in love with French culture and its mesmerizing beauty. The city exudes a romantic atmosphere with all its décor and lights; hence it is also named the “city of love”. Whether you are a foodie or a fashion enthusiast or an art lover, Paris has everything for everybody. Its magnificent beauty of the architecture and the picturesque scene at the backdrop makes it a perfect getaway for a romantic couple. If you are a first timer in Paris, then you need to know which places to visit and what to eat. Visit city's official website here

5 things to do in Paris- A dream destination

1. Watch the lighting at the Eiffel Tower during the evening hours – Visiting the most iconic Eiffel tower is on the top of the list for every traveller. Its height makes it visible from almost every part of the city. The scintillating view from the top of the Eiffel tower is absolutely unbelievable. To make a trip to the Eiffel Tower, you will need to make a booking in advance with a nominal fee. Its lighting starts at sundown and goes on till 1 a.m. You will find gift shops and restaurants at the top of it so make sure to visit it.

Five romantic things to do in Paris

Eiffel Tower

2. Explore the Louvre Museum – For all the art lovers, Louvre museum is a must see. The overwhelming collection of the museum makes it the largest museum in the world. If you are planning to see the entire museum in a day, then it is a mammoth of a task. The museum is so massive that you better make a plan of the wings that you would like to see. The Louvre Museum once was home of the French kings and then was converted into a museum.

Five romantic things to do in Paris

Louvre Museum

3. Take a walk through the Champs – Elysees – Which literally means “Elysian Fields”. The beauty of this street was such that it was considered as the “Heaven on earth”. It is the most famous street in Paris. The wide road lined with trees and you will find all the famous brands of restaurants, cafes and designer stores.

4. Sail in the Cruise on the Seine River – It is an essential waterway in Paris. It is a must to take a romantic cruise on the Seine River. The cruise ride in the evening is enchanting as it gives you a chance to experience the captivating lightings of all the monuments along the bank.

Five romantic things to do in Paris

Seine River Cruise

5. Watch the beautiful Cathedral Notre-Dame de: The Gothic Church in Paris is the finest architecture of France which you shouldn't miss. Dedicated to Mother Mary, this Church is a must visit with your beloved when you are on the tour to Paris.

Five romantic things to do in Paris

Cathedral Notre Dame

Come experience the love and light in the city of love - Paris.