5 Things to do in Toulouse

5 Things to do in Toulouse

Toulouse, a city in France, is the capital of the Occitanie region, located towards the south of France and is not too far away from the border of Spain.

Do not miss out on the following things when you visit Toulouse the next time.

1. Couvent des Jacobins- Dating back to the middle of the thirteenth century, it was initially built as a Dominican monastery and is a prime example of stellar Gothic architecture. Made up of red bricks, this monastery is in complete contrast with its interiors. It has a chapel built in the memory of Saint Antonin and even hosts a few artifacts that belonged to him.

2. Foundation Bemberg- More famously, the Museum of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts, this place is an exquisite example of the art and architecture of the renaissance period. This building has an open courtyard along with a number of sculptures and carvings that are not typical of the architecture of that period. A few masterpieces on show include Rococo by Boucher and other artists like der Weyden and Isenbrant.

3. Canal du Midi- Initially built to create a shorter route between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, this canal that dates back to the seventeenth century is over two forty kilometers long. Taking over ten years and twelve thousand men to build, it connects the city to the Mediterranean Sea through the Sete port. A walk along the shaded side of the canal is nothing less than relaxing.

4. Basilique Saint-Sernin- This Church is as old as the eleventh century and is one of the biggest Roman churches present in Europe today. Built using the same red bricks that are typical of the architecture in Toulouse, this Basilica was built in memory of Saint Saturninus who was also the first bishop of the city. The place is filled with long aisles and huge doorways and you are bound to find sculptures of the apostles at every possible corner here. It even boasts of a few important relics in its crypt along with having a tall clock tower.

5. Place du Capitole- In the heart of this beautiful city lies the Place du Capitol which has been the center of its culture for centuries. It is presently the town hall of the city and is surrounded by arcades on both ends. Most of the rooms of the palace are open for tourist visits and the view of the city from the tower is one to die for.