5 Things to do in Silema

5 Things to do in Silema

Silema, a town in Malta, located on the Eastern coast of the country is a place famous for its resorts and is a great tourist spot.

When in Silema, make sure to experience the following things.

1. The Manoel Island- Just on the outskirts of the city, these groups of islands are connected to the mainland through a small bridge made up of stone. You might find yourself walking through cobbled pathways in the middle of nowhere and finally end up near Fort Manoel. The most interesting trivia about this place is that a few parts of the famous TV show The Game of Thrones was shot at this very place. If you have seen the show, you’ll always feel a déjà vu.

2. Tigne point- Initially built as a fortification structure by the British military, tourists can still find remaining parts of the original structure which are tall projections and are one of the biggest rebuilt places in recent times. The street below is a lively place with a number of cafes and shops that the visitors can indulge themselves in. It hosts Malta’s biggest mall, The Point that you must check you.

3. Roman baths- Even if the shores of Silema, do not have the typical beach-like feel and lack the sand, they are still ideal for swimming. Not too far from the main area, you will find a number of pools built naturally by carving out rocks into squares and are well equipped with objects like ladders. This pool is not like your average pool but is fresh out of the sea, literally.

4. Take the ferry- Irrespective of whether you want to go to Silema or are leaving this historic city and moving on to the next, you need to take the ferry and just drown yourselves in the serene surroundings and feel the sea. They cost almost nothing but will surely take you wherever you want to go.

5. Christine X Art gallery- Built hardly a decade ago, and earlier known as the Artitude, this place is a breeding ground for the upcoming local artists. It hosts a number of cultural events, exhibitions, and even art workshops from time to time. You will find local sceneries, foreign projects, and even works from a few all-time greats here and an art lover would never want to leave this place.