5 Things to do in Olomouc

5 Things to do in Olomouc

Olomouc, a city located in Moravia in the Czech Republic is most famous for its Baroque-styled fountain and its religious sculptures.

With less than a hundred thousand people, this city is very welcoming and when you visit Olomouc the next time, do not miss out on the following things.

1. The Town Hall- Built in the typical Gothic architectural style, it is surrounded by a white façade and hosts black spires on its roof. With a tower on its head that stands more than seventy meters tall, looks over the entire city and it is undoubtedly the most cherished structure in the entire city. it has been here for the past six centuries and still plays an important role in its administration.

2. Holy Trinity Column- Columns are spread throughout Europe signifying outbreaks and the blessing of Gods in stopping them but this Holy Trinity Column has to be one of the best columns in all of Europe. With its splendid architecture, it is said to be second to no other Baroque architecture and the most fascinating thing about it is that all the artists, stonemasons and the crafters that made this column were all residents of Olomouc.

3. Astronomical clock- Not too far from the Town Hall, we find Olomouc’s astronomical clock built in the early fourteenth century. However, due to the Second World War, it had to be rebuilt with a few changes giving it a new socialist style. Saints and angels were replaced with engineers and workers and the birthdays of leaders like Stalin and Lenin were depicted on the dials. This clock represents all the historic changes that the city has gone through and managed to survive through it all.

4. St. Wenceslas Cathedral- Just to give you an idea of how enormous this cathedral is, it stands over a hundred meters and is proved to be one of the tallest structures in all of the Czech Republic, standing at a respectable number four. It is the largest Cathedral in Moravia and can be dated back to the early eleventh century. It still stands in pretty good shape thanks to the restorations.

5. Baroque fountains- Tourists can find a total of six fountains dating back to anywhere from the sixteenth to the seventeenth century. Citizens look at the fountains with great pride and are a great example of the well-made and well-planned architecture of the city is. The fountains are Roman-themed and are made with great Baroque architecture.