5 Things to do in Nice

5 Things to do in Nice

Nice, a city in France is the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes area of the French Rivera.

This city was built by the Greeks in the early nineteenth century and is a great tourist spot. When you visit Nice the next time, make sure to experience the following nice things.

1. The Castle Hill park- Situated on a hill that overlooks the shores of the city, it was one of the first places that the Greeks built over two centuries ago. It has some beautiful leafy palms, a waterfall, and twisted green paths that provide for a great walk. It is easily reachable through a train or even by foot and has a number of cafes to keep you busy.

2. Cathedrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicolas- Built by Tsar Nicholas and dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, this cathedral is said to be one of the best orthodox churches that is not in Russia. What is beautiful about this place is that even to this date, it is still used as a place of worship but strict rules and dress codes have to be maintained.

3. Old town- The old town or Vielle Ville with its cobblestone pathways and colorful streets make up for a great walk. If you really want to feel the true essence of this lively city and feel their culture, you need to get here. Surrounded by stalls and shops selling local produce, this place will always be filled with a crowd and feel entertained at all times.

4. Musee Matisse- Located on another beautiful hill of the city, is this museum. It is a heaven for an art lover and the gardens that surround this museum are a thing of magnificence in their own. This museum is an exclusive place for the works of the great artist Matisse and hosts about 57 sculptures and more than 30 paintings, which is almost the complete works of the famous artist. It still hosts occasional exhibitions and a few cultural events. Make sure to walk through the adjacent olive grove.

5. Place Garibaldi- It is one of the biggest squares in the city and is not too far away from the famous Moderne et d’Contemporain art museum. Dating back to the end of the eighteenth century, it is surrounded by buildings of Baroque architecture and is a great crossway for tramlines and footpaths. It hosts a statue of the famous Italian revolutionary, Garibaldi who was from this city itself.