5 Things to do in Heraklion

5 Things to do in Heraklion

Heraklion is the capital of the island of Crete, a port in Greece.

This city is of great historic significance due to its architectural and cultural heritage and you should try to experience the following things the next time you are in Heraklion.

1. Koules Fortress- Located on the waterfront of the city, this Venetian structure dates back to the sixteenth century. This fortress provides a great view of the shoreline and the wooden doors give it a royal feel. With brick and stone walls that are as thick as nine meters, it gets really quiet on the inside if you are looking for some peace and quiet plus the cannons and carvings are bound to keep you hooked.

2. Cathedral of St. Minas- Built in the memory of the patron saint of the city, St Minas, this cathedral stands beautifully in the Old Town. Said to be the largest Church in Crete, it has wonderfully painted interiors with a central chandelier lighting up the entire roof. The dome only adds to its magnificence and it is still home to the Archbishop of the island.

3. Morosini Fountain- Located right in the heart of the old town, it is a great place to explore the streets and the culture of the local people. Built in the early seventeenth century, this founded has cafes and greenery all around it and is a great place to sit down and have a good chat with the folks. Moreover, it also provides drinking water to the people and right from the mouth of the four lions into the pool.

4. Palace of Knossos- This well-preserved site is one of the best that Crete has to offer and is also one of the most visited places in the city. A huge palace with wings built on all sides of it and an open courtyard in the middle. The myth has it that this structure was a Labyrinth built by King Minos. It still has enough room for ceremonies, a living area, and a sophisticated drainage system according to that period.

5. The archeological museum- This museum hosts a few pieces that are older than three thousand years. Some of the few masterpieces on show here are the Prince of the Lilies, the Phaistos Disk, a snake goddess that back to around one hundred BC. The museum contains about twenty-seven galleries showing objects from different parts of history and it attracts tourists from all across the world.