5 Inspiring Things to See in Lausanne

5 Inspiring Things to See in Lausanne

Lausanne, an amazing city that never fails to inspire to people with its scenic beauty. Needless to say one visit to Lausanne is certainly not enough.

Lausanne is one of the most beautiful cities of Switzerland located on the Lake Geneva. The people living here mostly speak French, Italian or German. It is a very scenic city with steep mountains, good climate, bustling markets, cathedrals, and beautiful lakes. It also houses the Olympic Museum. Tourism is a very flourishing industry here and millions of people visit Lausanne every year.

There are many places to visit in Lausanne, but here is a short list of top 5 places:

1. Learn all about the Olympics at The Olympic Museum Lausanne: This museum is one of its kind as it is dedicated solely to the Olympic Games. Here you can take a journey into Olympian history right from the Greek days to the modern day events. Learn all you need to know from the museum’s priceless collections and interactive exhibitions.

5 Inspiring Things to See in Lausanne

Cathedral de Lausanne

2. Explore the underwater marine life at AQUATIS Aquarium Vivarium: This visit will take you into the breathtaking underwater world of marine life where you can come across thousands of varieties of fish and hundreds of reptiles. The circular stunning and extraordinary exterior of the aquarium and amazing interiors are sure to leave you speechless.

3. Get an amazing view of the city from Cathedrale de Lausanne : The beautiful architecture of the cathedral with its stained glasses is awe inspiring. When you reach the top you are rewarded with a stunning panoramic view of the city.

4. Take a tranquil boat ride on the lake at Sauvabelin Park : Spend a relaxing time with family at this scenic park and watch the goats, boars or birds roaming about. You can go boating at the lake with your family and just admire the serene natural surroundings.

5. Take a steam locomotive ride at the Railway Museum Blonay-Chamby : If you are a train lover you will love to visit this museum and explore the various types of trains on display here. The scenic view of the lake and surroundings while taking the train rides is an exhilarating experience.

5 Inspiring Things to See in Lausanne

Blonay Chamby Railway Musuem

Lausanne’s surreal natural landscapes are an attraction for people from all over the world and have even inspired creative people like T.S. Eliot and Ernest Hemingway to pen some of their great works here.