5 historical places to visit in Athens

5 historical places to visit in Athens
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Athens – journey to the past is an historical place to visit in Greece. Do not miss to visit these five cool places when in Athens

Athens is a place with marvelous ancient monuments and architecture. Athens is named after goddess Athena. Colonized for over 3000 years, it is a city that is surrounded by seven hills and mountains. Athens is a perfect match of historical features wedded to modern features. Many people look at Athens as a ruined city, but Athens is way beyond that. If you are in Athens for the first time, then this is undoubtedly going to mesmerize you and engrave its memories in your heart. Visit city's official website here

5 Cool things to do When in Athens:

There are certain places that you should not miss seeing while you are there. Let us list them.

1. Dive into the history of monuments at Parthenon - Acropolis.

Athens is a place that carries its past to make the present beautiful. Acropolis plays a very vital role in the history of Athens. The ruins of ancient monuments surround it. Parthenon being the highest point gives you a glimpse of the entire view of the other statues. You will get to see some fabulous ancient Greek structure, but Parthenon is the most popular among them. Your Athens tour is not complete if you don’t visit this UNESCO heritage site.

5 historical places to visit in Athens


2. Take a trip to the ancient temple of Olympian Zeus

It was once the largest temple in entire Greece. The monument stands partially with history in its heart. This temple was devoted to the greatest ruler of all times – Zeus. It took 700 years to build and originally had 104 pillars, only 15 of which erect now.

5 historical places to visit in Athens

Temple of Olympian Zeus

3. Walk done the lane of Plaka

Set in the middle of the Acropolis and the ancient temples, Plaka gives you a feel of a village. The narrow roads lined with shops and cafes on both sides make for a great walk. The colourful buildings, the whitewashed homes are undoubtedly the place to be and get immersed in some of the best Greek cuisines.

5 historical places to visit in Athens


4. Glance through modern arts at the National Archaeological Museum

If you are an art lover, then the archaeological museum perfectly suits your taste. You will witness works of contemporary artists as well as some antiques that date back to the Neolithic age. With over 30 rooms to cover it is undoubtedly one of the locations, you will want to visit.

5. Enjoy the splendid view through Mount Lycabettus

It is a Cretaceous limestone hill in Athens. It is a significant tourist spot because of the cable car ride, the open amphitheatre and the magical and magnificent panoramic view that it has to offer.

Athens is a beautiful city with many historical and modern structures.