5 Beautiful Things To See in Zagreb

5 Beautiful Things To See in Zagreb

Blessed with archaeological museums and beautiful cathedral, Zagreb is a beautiful city to explore.

The capital town, Zagreb, is a flourishing metropolis that draws half a million tourists yearly with a thriving nightlife and fantastic infrastructure. The connectivity is good as it has got a tram and subway system. various boutiques and restaurants line the streets, several giving ancient Croatian merchandise, like crystal, ceramics, finest wines and cheeses. Visit city's official website here

Outlined below are the five things I like to recommend you ought to knock off Zagreb. These places can for sure provide you with a reason to own a beautiful time and fantastic experience.

1. Watch the mummies at the Archaeologic Museum:

This is one amongst the foremost necessary establishments of Zagreb town. You can watch some bandages of a Zagreb mummy, the Vucedol dove and also the head of a Solin woman. There is additionally a set of stone monuments that were preserved and were taken from the time of the Roman period. These monuments fashioned an archaeologic park which can undoubtedly attract you.

2. Visit an antique place called "Staro Selo", an Anthropology Museum:

This is a village where you will come across anthropology museums. They are preserved thatched homes that were engineered throughout the nineteenth century. You will see here the artefacts and tools that were used for creating candles and blacksmithing.

3. Meditate at the Cathedral of the belief of the blessed virgin Mary:

Stop by for a few meditations as you get pleasure from fascinating the read of the cathedral. Herman Bolle had designed it. This cathedral underwent multiple fires and a massive earthquake, however, was reconstructed till it still stands because the best landmark to go to in Zagreb.

5 Beautiful Things To See in Zagreb

Zagreb Cathedral

4. Watch the modern show at Art marquee:

This landmark is not just for modern art show; however additionally for its enthralling glass-domed interior and unique history. Visiting this place is only allowed from Monday to Friday.

5. Head towards the Croatian Sea Coast:

If a town break holds very little interest for you, why not merely skip Zagreb and head towards the beautiful beaches on the Croatian sea Coast or one Croatia's charming historical cities, like Zadar or urban centre. Many of the highest beaches are Lanterna Beach, that is high for swimming enthusiasts, the romantic, secluded Koralj Beach and Girandella Beach.

5 Beautiful Things To See in Zagreb


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