5 Amusing Things to do in GothenBurg

5 Amusing Things to do in GothenBurg

A city full of life, Gothenburg has wonderful roller coaster theme park, volvo museum, delicious fish market which will make your trip worth a while.

Gothenburg is a town packed with attractions and activities. With the opera and therefore the Liseberg green it has two main attractions for both old aged and the young. Gothenburg, Sweden offers heaps of distinctive attractions and many things to try and do in the metropolis! Visit Gothenburg's official website here

1. Get your mind enriched with a Knowledge Park that attracts every youngster:

The Lindholmen Science Park is a very fashionable science park where many innovative projects are taken up. It also focuses on mobile internet, fashionable media and style and intelligent vehicles and transport systems.

2. Dive into the world of music treat at the Goteborg Opera:

The Göteborg Opera is found on an awfully accessible location within the harbour of Gothenburg. it's one in every of the foremost lovely operas in Europe, wherever totally different shows are performed beneath one roof, as an example dance performances and musicals

3. Thrilling Rides & games for the daring at Liseberg Green:

The Liseberg green is an attraction park for the young and old. Thrill rides for the daredevils and laughter for youths. relish a calming day! In total there are forty rides and attractions. The park guarantees many laughter, excitement and bloodcurdling experiences, therefore be prepared! You must visit the park during Christmas and Halloween for more fun.

5 Amusing Things to do in GothenBurg

Liseberg Green

4. Take a look at the Branded Volvo Museum:

Learn a lot regarding the history of Volvo Cars and take a glance behind the screens. See the event from 1927 till this present day. The hall incorporates a size of 6000 sq.m, where you can see a wide range of top-class Volvo Cars.

5 Amusing Things to do in GothenBurg

Volvo Museum

5. Enjoy mouth-watering fish from Feskekorka:

The Feskekôrka in the metropolis (The Fish Church) is an interior fish and food market. Here you will be able to purchase totally different types of delicious food. Feskekôrka was incorporated in 1874 as an architectural experiment and is currently a distinctive building in the metropolis.

5 Amusing Things to do in GothenBurg


Now thoroughly enjoy your trip to Gothenburg, Sweden.