5 Amazing Things to do in Salzburg

5 Amazing Things to do in Salzburg

Get immersed in the enticing beauty of Salzburg and the magical music of Mozart. This city will give you some beautiful memories for a lifetime.

The city of Salzburg has everything in perfect sync. It is a city that is cuddled in the lap of the Alps. Salzburg is a compact city that has an impeccable fusion of art, culture, architecture and nature. This is where the movie Sound of Music originated. Tradition and modernity is match made in heaven here that go together perfectly well. Visit city's official website here

Exploring Salzburg

1. Visit a concert at the Mirabell Palace

Mirabell Palace is a historic monument has gained popularity because of its beautiful and magnificent gardens. It was also featured the legendary movie Sound of Music. Built in 1606 by the Prince Archbishop, the palace has an extravagant marble architecture and breath taking views. You will be carried away by the enchanting and famous pieces of Mozart. The marble hall used to be the banquet hall but now holds it is used for concerts.

5 Amazing Things to do in Salzburg

Mirabell palace gardens

2. Take a two hour trip to Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral is a marvel to witness. It unbelievable, that this beauty could have been built without modern machines. It was built in the 7th century and is dedicated to Saint Rupert and Saint Vergilius. It was recognised as the world heritage site by UNESCO in 1997. Standing tall with its ornate baroque marble architecture it continues to exhibit the power of Salzburg’s archbishops.

5 Amazing Things to do in Salzburg

Salzburg Cathedral

3. Be amused with the art work at the Mozart Birthplace

While in Salzburg how can one miss visiting this epic place? It is the house in which Wolfgang Amade Mozart was born. He was born on 27th January 1756 and he stayed there from 1747 to 1773. Now it is converted in to a museum and is open for the tourists to take a look at how the genius lived and his famous work. It has in display the violin that Mozart played as a baby, his concert violin, some letters and collectibles and some famous paintings.

4. Have a look at the historical work at the Salzburg Museum

If you are interested in ancient works then this museum is the place for you. It exhibits the artwork of archbishops depicting them as religious leaders, a room filled with ancient musical instruments and some modern art works too.

5. Go shopping at Getreidegasse

It is known as the shopper’s paradise. This narrow charming street is bustling with people wanting to shop from an array of international brands. This street is also very popular for the houses and its distinct doorways.

Do not forget to eat, drink, shop when in Salzburg.