Workshops, events, and opportunities!

Workshops, events, and opportunities!

Lets get together to see how we can better support one another!

Here are some of the events that we have run out of Mother Earth's Learning Village, to support our community. Pandemic or not, we will continue to add more.

Reach out if you are in need, or if you have something to offer!!

Sunday March 8th, 2020: Alahnnaa Campbell (of You Have A Life Plan, and Support Their Light ~ A service for parents with sensitive kids) hosted a FREE drop-in to learn about her services. And this also served as a great opportunity for families, students, and future teachers to meet Stephanie Kozak (Founder, Director, and Lead Teacher at Mother Earth's Learning Village).

March Break & Summer Camps (2020): Despite the pandemic, kids and families still need support, and we provided this in a safe environment, free from fear.

April 26th, 2020: REAL versus POPULAR Astrology! info session and upcoming online courses.

Summer 2020: Women Circle using Radical Forgiveness and Breathwork by Coach Marina. Stephanie Kozak may adapt some of these concepts to support her families and students!

July 2020: Resource Roundtable to discuss RestoreChi tracks to consider, as well as other practices, to support energetic health of staff, students, clients, and practitioners, when re-opening during a "pandemic".

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