Alternative vs Public School - a 9yr old's perspective

Alternative vs Public School - a 9yr old's perspective

My mom will help me write this (and share her opinion as well)...

Caedenn's mom here, to start: I am glad they are keeping the masks in the public school system. Its an unkind thought, because I don't think children should be masked. But, without the masks, many parents do not realize the other things that are wrong with the government-run public school system (my husband, father of our children, included).

My husband is concerned that without public school our kids will miss out on so much: learning, clubs, normality, local friends, etc.

Except, when I speak to our 9yr old son about his father's concerns "that he is not learning enough in an alternative school setting", our son says:

"We ARE learning!"

"In public school we learn 80% of the time. Its learn, snack, learn, lunch, learn."

"In alternative school we learn 45% of the time. The learning is different. I can't really explain it. I like part of what I learn at public school, and part of it I don't like, and its the same at alternative school. But overall, I prefer alternative school."

I explained that his father feels we should push him to learn, just like his dad pushed him to ride a bike, swim, and ski, and now he is great at these things. In response to this, our son said:

"If I am a 20 at things like skiing, biking, and swimming and you push me, I become a 50. BUT, if I am a 50 at school learning and you push me, I become a 10."

And there you have it. Alternative school is a better fit, for reasons that still may have no words, and if it takes masks in the public school system, for us to be able to have the opportunity to enjoy a better fit, then so be it.

It is not up to me to fix the world, but to do what I can, to provide the best world for my kids and my family. We all set our own limits to how we are willing to be treated.

Gratitude, and we hope you find what you love too!

Caedenn, and his mama

ps. Lets be fair, hubby is forgetting how often our kids refused to go to public school, and that we only attend alternative school part time, because I have balance my own self-care, its a long drive, a lot to pack, etc. etc. But its SO worth it! At least, for me. I hated the after public school pick up, all the anger and meltdowns, we were surviving public school, and now we're thriving alternative school. Check out all my other articles, and you'll see plenty of evidence there! ~ Alahnnaa Campbell

Alternative vs Public School - a 9yr old's perspective