A place where we can speak freely...

A place where we can speak freely...

A forum for comments, requests, questions, support, related to parenting, kids, community, self-care, etc...

Klusster is a great way to share articles, but it is not a great environment to interact. So, for now, we are leveraging an online chat platform that I have set up for my own business (Support Their Light ~ A service for parents with sensitive kids). If need be, I will set up a separate one for The Village Supports YOU!

This is a great place to start with this forum: I/We need, I/We have... a place where anyone can share what they are looking for, and respond to requests with what they may already have and no longer have use for. Why create more garbage, why keep stuff cluttered in our homes collecting dust, why spend more money on stuff, when we can just pass what we no longer need onto someone who is eager to make good use of it?

There are many other topics available in this forum, that may be of interest to you. All I ask is that you be kind. If something isn't your cup of tea to talk about, simply avoid that section of the forum. This is meant to be a place where people can feel free to ask what they need to ask, share what they need to share, and be supported by those who support them. It is not meant to be an online debate on who's right or to convince anyone of anyone's opinion. I'll leave that to Facebook, lol.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

You Have A Life Plan