The Online Marketing Customer Appreciation Checklist

The Online Marketing Customer Appreciation Checklist

It online marketing valuable? YES. Is it always perceived as such? NO. Solve the customer appreciation puzzle before you engage with a client.

What Kind Of Customer Do You Want?

The reality is this...Marketing is extremely important to growing a business.

The other reality...Online Marketing or any marketing for that matter is often underappreciated.

When securing clients, the key is to manage expectations or at least understand a client's expectations on the cost for developing online media. Without this being clear you may be setting yourself up for a failed relationship.

Clients to avoid

If you are wanting to build a long term relationship with a marketing client, you may consider avoiding a certain type of prospect.

1. Do you know clients that throw random mud against multiple marketing walls over short periods of time and hope some sort of advertising will stick?

If this is the case, this type of client is usually very disorganised in their thoughts and more often than not, it will be very hard to keep this client happy long term.

2. Do you know the type of client that expects $1 investment to turn into $1 profits immediately? This is an unrealistic expectation.

Both of these scenarios are frustrating and ultimately not worth your while if you are expecting to help a client with online marketing.

We highly suggest your gauge whether your clients truly will appreciate the services you provide before securing them as a long term client by satisfying two simple criteria.

The Criteria

1) The client must understand the LONG TERM math of marketing.

In an average case, an investment in marketing will be successful if the investment is paid back over a 1-3 year period.

If you can invest $1000 and get $10,000 in business, my advice is to spend every dollar you have on this type of marketing every day, because this is the best game in town.

The reality is if marketing gets you a few new clients, you are ahead of the game. The real value is how you convert these clients to become long term referrals to your business. Thinking this way, investment in marketing can be VERY inexpensive. 1 customer could lead to more.

Make sure you and your client know the "Customer For Life" value of a client. This will help you truly understand what you can spend.

Confirm your clients understand, that the key to good marketing is capturing good clients that will be fans of their business for life. Sometimes it's worth paying a little more to find people that truly appreciate a business value and will be a recurring revenue stream.

Remember Groupon? Once thought to be the KEY to good marketing, businesses quickly realised that giving away the product was not a good way to build long term business.

2) The client must understand the true cost of online marketing.

Fortunately, we have an amazing tool in Google.  Google can be used as a  barometer for the cost of acquisition.  What does this mean?  When costing out the value of your business, using Google cost per click Keyword Tool can help you illustrate to clients the cost of what you will provide online.

With every client we obtain, we 1) Determine their budget. ($1000) and then the average cost per click with Google. ($1.45) we know that our task is to then drive over 689 people to their marketing message if we are going to compete with Google. BTW, if we can't outperform Google Pay Per Click, we steer our clients to Google Pay Per Click.

Specifically, for an automotive client, we will search the cost to obtain traffic for a basket of search terms.  From there we find a budget and if we can deliver traffic less expensively per click than Google, then we are providing great value. If we know that the average "CLICK" is $2.00 for our client, our goal is to deliver equivalent value for much less than $2.00 per click.

To do this, we will outline a plan and budget to do this. If your customer understands Google, then any service you provide, be it social media management or advertising on a niche media property should have similar "CLICK" values.

Of course, not all clicks are created equally. Google Clicks in search are more valuable than Google clicks in a network.


2 simple items on your client check list help you understand if you customers are going to be long-term fans of what you do as a marketer. Make sure they understand that return on marketing investment is often a longer term proposition than they hope in their minds.

Second, make sure the client understands the comparative value of what you provide compared to the all mighty Google.


With Klusster, we help our clients reach prospects at a cost significantly lower than Google.