Klusster to REMOVE all advertising...

Klusster to REMOVE all advertising...

How would you like to create a quality GROUP publication like The New Yorker, but no pesky ads...?

Mad Scientists

We have been mad scientists for over a year now.  We have gathered all the data we need. As businesses build their social media assets, they are quickly realizing that alone, their social media strength would be magnified by working in a group.

What have we been doing?

When we started Klusster, we had no idea how well received our concept would be.  Not one business owner has expressed a lack of desire to work with other business owners to grow. As much as we knew we were on to something, we knew also that we would have to listen to our customers to make Klusster perfect.

Without Further Adieu

Here are the upcoming changes!

The New Yorker

When developing our final design, we realized that we love the clean look of The New Yorker on desktop and mobile.

So...if you or a group want to build a quality peer publication, you are going to see a new look this fall.

No Advertising

We did it! Klusster officially has decided to NOT have BANNER advertising in its publications.  We feel strongly that any GROUP publication that is made, should be of valuable content.

Google has proven that the content is the ad.  So regardless of what publication is being built, we feel that consumers actually want good content from the businesses they seek. Therefore, there is no more advertising.  Klusster will be driven by the success of each Klusster.


We are adding a new feedback tool.  We want to help businesses continually provide valuable information to their customers.  What better way than to have the ability to collect feedback on every single piece of content created.


Each Publication will enable subscriptions. We realized that consumers like to subscribe to publications still and subsequently, each publication will have a defined audience.

Klusster eMails

At the heart of Klusster is an engine that helps PEER businesses work together. Our member eMail system is being overhauled to make distribution easier and provide each Klusster user the information they need to build stronger relationships.

Check out our new changes this fall! We are really excited.

Steven Thode