Case Study: The Networking Group

Case Study: The Networking Group

In North America, there are THOUSANDS of incredible networking groups meeting OFFLINE. With Klusster, you can leverage that powerful group ONLINE.

Let's Go Ladies

The founder of Let's Go Ladies networking group was a connector.  She helped facilitate thousands of OFFLINE connections.  Every month, people would get together to discuss their business, get to know each other and grow.  What was quickly realised was there were even more connections to be made ONLINE through a collective social media.

Assembling the group was easy.  They already met once a month. To form their eMagazine, instead of the traditional networking meeting, the group allocated a meeting specifically to build their eMagazine. As they uploaded their content, more and more woman gained more and more visibility and the sharing of content was in full force.

With a few days, the Let's Go Ladies group was getting the new visibility that they would otherwise never had gotten.

Let's Go Ladies is an eMagazine built by a networking group.  If you have a networking group, health, fitness, B2B or more, with Klusster, you can build a group eMagazine for your collection of businesses.

Do you...

1. Realize the importance of creating content online?

2. Do you realize that content is king when making an impression?

Your networking group may already be set up to gain more connections. Imagine 5, 10 or 20 people in your group all pulling together to reach more people.

If 10 people in a networking group each bring 100 people to a group magazine each month, that is 1000 people that your group can reach online just by creating your own Klusster eMagazine.

By the way, Let's Go Ladies...Every year, they reach about 15,000 people.  That's new prospects for your business.

All you need is a desire to grow your business.

Want to learn more about how your networking group can build a Klusster eMagazine and reach more people?