CASE STUDY - Building an eMag for The Chiropractor

CASE STUDY - Building an eMag for The Chiropractor

Our client is a chiropractor that wasn't getting found online. The good news is, and they admitted this, they really didn't have much content online either.

The Proposal

For success online, businesses need a strong combination of:


2) FRESH CONTENT (Articles, News, etc)

Four our client we suggested a website refresh as well as an ongoing eMagazine that filtered content into their website.

This would serve two purposes.  One.  With strong content. Clients and Google are drawn more to the business.  Second, with our Klusster eMagazine solution, our client can continually communicate with clients and staff about the goings on within the business.  Once a week. Communication. Period. All of this is managed by the Platform.

Creating Content

To get the content system rolling, we set up our client to do some homework and answer a fairly detailed questionnaire.  With this complete we were able to define the content of both the website and the regular content of their own eMagazine.

Of course, with Klusster, once content is created our clients can join other distribution networks (Klussters) and have other people helping them distribute the content.

The Result

15 Web Pages - 10 Articles into their eMagazine.

= NEW Clients.

"Interestingly enough, since updating my website and building my eMagazine, I just received my first business from the Internet" Dr. M

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