Case Study - Automotive Marketing (Part 1)

Case Study - Automotive Marketing (Part 1)

This is an ongoing study of how you can use Klusster to help community-minded businesses reach more people.

You might be wondering what a Canadian Cancer Event has to do with automotive marketing and Klusster?

The Problem

Leggat Auto Group is an incredible community-minded organization that wants to find the balance between giving back to community and having the entire staff buy into community without crossing the lines.

Corporate giving has been on the edge of controversy or at least discussion for years.

The reality is that businesses do want to grow, but they also very much do want to give back.

Local businesses sponsor local sports teams for a reason.  Without this sponsorship, some kids wouldn't play sports. In exchange for sponsorship, their names go on the back of uniforms very often.  A WIN-WIN.

And Apple Computers, years ago, donated millions of dollars worth of computers to schools across the the US only to be criticized for duplicitous intentions. Is this fair? The fact is, we as a society need good corporate citizens. They make a huge difference in advancing causes.

How do you get the staff and the community more involved to help?

Leggat is in the process of assembling for distribution by the entire organization a Klusster Powered eMagazine that increases awareness of the causes that it supports.

By having the staff buy into the distribution, Leggat can increase awareness of local causes and at the same time, engage better with their staff.

The Solution

Create an eMagazine Powered By Klusster

The eMagazine is called DRIVE. Of course a play on the automotive industry, but also a play on motivation.  Each week through the eMagazine, Leggat plans to celebrate past charitable events as well provide the community access to many events going on in the coming months to increase community awareness and involvement. In addition, Leggat will provide driving-related articles for education and entertainment purposes.

Over time, Leggat will work to integrate other like minded businesses into the eMagazine if applicable and create a STRONG COMMUNITY minded PEER eMAGAZINE.


With 400 staff, that are affected by many of these causes, the group will use the Klusster Platform & SOCIAL MEDIA connections reach out to encourage others to get involved. Klusster uniquely has the ability to manage and gauge the distribution of the content.  In turn, Leggat can reward staff based on participation.

The Results

Once in full swing, Leggat DRIVE is hoping to make between 5000-10,000 community connections each month and increase awareness of the charitable causes it supports as well the type of company they want to be perceived as in the community.  It's a delicate balance, but everyone wins.

  • Staff get more involved and rewarded
  • The community charities get more exposure
  • Local consumers engage in content that affects them
  • Leggat affordably achieves the balance of making a difference & developing stronger relationships with their entire staff becoming involved.

Not only will Leggat provide greater awareness to so many important causes, but the ultimate goal is to provide a strong giving culture within the company.

Stay Tuned... Part #2 To Follow.