@answerthepublic - Genius!

@answerthepublic - Genius!

One tool, saves you hours...

We know, We Know

"I don't know what to write!"

We have heard it time and time again.  We actually can relate. Sometimes, we don't always have the ideas pop into our head.  However, we are going to help you.

AnswerThePublic is a simple tool that will trigger ideas all day long for you to easily determine what to write.

There are 4 steps...

1. Simply go to AnswerThePublic, plug in a phrase related to your business, and VOILA, potential headlines, ideas on what the world is wanting you to answer.

2. Browse the results of your search.  There are questions, prepositions and comparisions that will help you trigger your content.

3. Enter one of the results into Google. From there you will find incredible articles and thoughts pertaining to your topic so that you can present in an educated manner and amazing piece of content.

4. Don't Forget. Once you have your content to follow our thoughts on how to put all of these thoughts together.

The makers of AnswerThePublich. They are brilliant people that realise the concept that re-inventing the wheel is killing us.  They are also the inventors of CoverageBook for PR. If you are looking for more time saving, this could help.