You Don't Like To WRITE? How do you transfer your passion?

You Don't Like To WRITE? How do you transfer your passion?

In the age of the Internet, if you own a business, writing can help build trust and lead to great long term relationships. Time to dust off your keyboard.

You Don’t like to write?

How do your share your passion?

“I don’t like to write”, you say. You are a business owner or you are in a management position, you have decided to dedicate a big part of your waking life around something you supposedly LOVE. And you don’t like to write? Hmmm. We caution that mindset. Here's why…

The number one place in the world people do research for your business is the Internet. The number one place on the Internet that people search is Google makes the rules and Google is obviously a pretty impressive business.

Without a single doubt, it is Google’s intention to drive their searchers to the most useful content possible. This means Google is looking for well organized thought on anything to do with your business if they are going to drive people to your business. Google is looking for passionate business owners that want to provide incredible insight to prospective customers and searchers.

Why not express your passion?

Passion can be expressed in many ways. Pictures, videos, voice, song and more, are all alternative ways to express a love for what we do.

Very often, there are people who don’t know you, and while they are getting to know you and your expertise, they want to know a little bit about the passion you have for what you do in words.

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The Power of Writing

Writing combined with images or videos... OMG. Can you image the restaurant owner that shares a recipe they have concocted out of a love for cooking with us and then, they show us how to prepare it on video??

Passion transferred through words.

Can you imagine a wedding dress maker that lets you into the moments a mother and daughter were trying on a dress and the effect it had on them?

Passion transferred through words.

Can you imagine a travel blogger that doesn’t share moments of their passion with us and only offers up pictures? How can we possibly experience the safety or spirit of a destination with no words?

We want to know about the relationships they developed on a trip, the experiences and feelings they felt.

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Writing is passion transferred.

Passion transferred is the start of a relationship. Relationships and trust are the heart of a client for a lifetime.

Writing is not a punishment...

Think about it. You have a story, you have knowledge and you have a specialty in something and you want to share and sell. You may want to compete with the big box stores. You know, “with all those low prices.”

You don't have low prices, you have the knowledge and that can be worth far more than any low price.

What would you think if you were a consumer?

How, as a consumer, am I supposed to know that you are passionate about what you do? If you can’t express your thoughts for even a brief moment in words, why should I have the confidence to purchase from you? In addition, as consumers, we don’t just want “ADS or DEALS”, we really want to know the quality a business stands for and that they truly have spent time understanding what they choose to offer. Otherwise, people would just buy the lowest cost item. Passion is value. Writing is a way to express this value.


Now, I am not saying that it is easy to find time, and yes, sometimes with writing, it can difficult to find the….. ummmm the words.

But, I am clearly suggesting (and look at it from the point of view of a consumer) it is absolutely imperative to write (or have someone write on your behalf) now and again to educate, entertain, entice, make your potential consumer think about the love you have for what you do.

Klusster media, klusster steve, seo is not a 4 letter word

Do you Transfer your PASSION?

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