Wondering How To Make Your CALL-TO-ACTION Rock? Read This!

Wondering How To Make Your CALL-TO-ACTION Rock? Read This!

Need a higher CTA conversion rate? Here are 3 simple tips to make your call-to-action more effective for your inbound marketing strategy.

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Tip 1: Develop your conversion goal

In order to create an effective call to action, you need to first establish a conversion goal. Ask yourself, who is my target audience, and what would I like them to do? Do you want your target audience to signup on your website? Subscribe to your weekly newsletter? Whatever your CTA is, just make sure you have it focused and narrowed down.

Tip 2: The CTA must be relevant

An effective CTA is one that is clear, and relevant. Often seen on the internet are CTA’s which encourage a blog reader to subscribe for blog updates. This would make sense since an avid reader would love to know when the latest blog post was written. You’re going to, therefore, avoid any calls which would deviate from the content or products your target audience desires.

Tip 3: Deliver

This might be the most important tip. Once you have established a CTA goal that is relevant, deliver! Nothing is more frustrating than finding out there wasn’t anything substantive to a call, and unfortunately, this wouldn’t simply ruin that single CTA, it negatively impacts all future CTA’s. Why would someone join a future webinar if you never delivered on a previous promise? If you say you’ll do something, deliver.

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