Top 7 reasons to choose WordPress for your website

Top 7 reasons to choose WordPress for your website

A website plays a crucial role when it comes to the success of an online business.

Several options are available in the market that allows the user to develop and maintain his/her site. However, one name that has managed to be in the topmost position for almost ten years is WordPress. WordPress is known for its extensive range of features, flexibility, versatility, and affordability.

Today, hundreds of websites are created per day using WordPress. It is considered one of the best Content Management Systems on the internet. One out of every 5 sites on the internet is created using WordPress.

Below we have mentioned few reasons why you should use this robust CMS to design your new site.

Free of cost

Yes, you read it correctly. You can download WordPress for free. You can download this software from the internet and use it as per your requirement. You need to pay some fee only when you hire a professional developer or agency for developing your company's website.


WordPress's main USP is its simplicity. Even a non-tech person can easily develop a decent-looking and smooth-running website using WordPress. Spending few hours on WordPress can give the user a good understanding of various features and website designing options available on WordPress.

SEO friendly

Another quality that gives WordPress a competitive edge is it's SEO-friendly built-up. In common man's language, top Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. love WordPress. Sites developed using WordPress have higher chances of getting good visibility on the search engines. Furthermore, users can further increase their ranking on search engines using WordPress SEO Plugins.

Numerous themes and Plugins

When it comes to themes, there are thousands of options to chose from. Customizing these themes is also very easy as most of these website templates offer various options to the user like colors, background, uploading logo, etc. Users can further enhance the functionality of the website using WordPress Plugins.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design


WordPress is the perfect choice for you if your target customers are scattered worldwide and are looking for a way to overcome the language barrier. WordPress allows you to create your website in different languages.

Safety and Security

Being free doesn't mean that your website's security will be compromised. WordPress is quite serious as far as safety and security are concerned. WordPress enables the users to keep their site up-to-date. This further protects the site from hackers and data thieves.

Vast Support groups

Around 40% of total websites run on WordPress. This means if you have any confusion or query related to designing a website, numerous people are there to help you. WordPress support forum is very vast and incredible.

The bottom line, if you are looking for a professional, functional, profitable, and affordable website, then WordPress is worth your attention.

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