Stop The Lazy Social Marketing

Stop The Lazy Social Marketing

We see this all the time - If you run a business, you MUST take the time to prepare original content. You are not helping yourself with lazy social marketing.

We see it happening all the time.  You are pressed for time, your need to get out SOMETHING, ANYTHING on social media, just to be out there.



By being lazy on social, you are doing severe damage to your brand.

Slow Down The Retweets

Some twitter feeds are ALL about the retweet.  What does this say?

It says, your business doesn't have enough to say, so you may as well read something from someone else.  As consumers, we are certainly ok with "I read this article and thought of you", but every single time?

If you don't have some original thought, people are going to wonder if they might be better off going to someone with conviction.

With this strategy you risk losing the attention you had of this potential client in the first place.

Why do you want to send someone away, when you actually just had their attention?


Equally as dangerous is talking on social only about yourself or just your business.  Sure people follow you for you, but human nature ultimately gets turned off if you are all about yourself.  So depending on what you are ALL ABOUT, you can share community events, and other knowledge that people might be interested in from other businesses.

Furthermore, depending on your social platform, be careful not to talk too much about your family. Personal Facebook is good for that, but we are not so sure LinkedIn is where we want to share what we had for lunch.

The Solution - Go Deep!

Write about something that means a great deal to you.  Make a true deep connection with your audience.  Sending them away to another author that writes a good article makes a very thin connection with you, but a very favourable impression with the author you send them too.

Think about how you run your social media.  If it is a chore, chances are VERY high you are spinning your wheels. Thin posts that you feel you HAVE to do will eventually get tiring for your clients.  It's much better to create 1 deep connection than 100 shallow connections.

The more you put into your message, the more people get out of it. If you really love what you do, writing about it will show your prospective clients that you are passionate. That passion creates a huge level of trust.

The only way to STOP the LAZY social media, is to really sit down and plan your marketing.  We know it's tough, but if you take 3-4 hours to plan, you will save so much time going forward.

Lazy Social Media is costing you precious engagements that you could be making with genuinely valuable messaging.

Conclusion:  Increase the quality of your social media, make deeper connections.

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