#localbusiness #content - Ya gotta keep telling your story folks!

#localbusiness #content - Ya gotta keep telling your story folks!

It's obvious isn't it? About 5 years ago you started to create a blog...or thought about it, but somewhere you stopped and now you wish you hadn't.

This is a serious issue.

We don't know for sure, what decisions you made years ago, but for many businesses, they literally abandoned their website. They stopped producing content. Not Good!

At the time they created a web presence, their intentions were really good. They wanted to have a section for specials and collect eMails and maintain a blog.

But they didn't...

Businesses just quit or slowed down their creation of good content. And we understand why.  It's tough to put time into things where you don't see immediate gratification. But that's not how building business works or will ever work.

Guess What? Some of their competitors kept on going. Those businesses that stuck to it, are being consistently rewarded with people finding them online.

There is only one reason

To be found online, you have to be online. You need to commit, consistently to creating content that appeals to consumers and... SEARCH ENGINES.

That's right.  You see, Google has customers.  BILLIONS OF THEM.  Googles customers want answers. BILLIONS OF THEM.  Not only that, Googles customers want the best answers.

So it's Google's job to send their customers to the best answers.  How can you possibly expect Google to send you to clients if you don't have answers?

The next 5-10 years will reward the businesses that invest in uploading quality answers to the Internet. It is really that simple.

#localbusiness #content - Ya gotta keep telling your story folks!

Upload Content - Tell Your Story

Here is the problem...

The competition is fierce.  More businesses will realize the need to put content online and thd the quality is going to matter.  Whether you hire a writer or a marketer, you need to also consider distribution. There are millions and millions of dead blogs.  2 articles, 3 articles. dead.

The only solution is consistent content creation, (Chilli Group) story telling in a consistently read place with quality content.

And if you are already telling your story?

You are in luck, because you can stay ahead of the game.  Continue to create good content and put it in multiple places as the more real estate (good content) you own online, the more success you will have in search.

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