How To Use Newsjacking To Elevate Your Brand

How To Use Newsjacking To Elevate Your Brand

Leveraging trending news to elevate your brand message is a smart way to get eyeballs on your business if you do it the right way!

Have you ever thought how newsjacking could help enhance your brand awareness?

Finding Newsjacking Hashtags

The key is using the latest news for highlighting your brand in a "white hat" kind of way.  Meaning don't use catastrophes such as fires or flooding or homelessness to show you as a callous, non-caring company.

Use good news stories or celebrities to lock into something that ties into your brand.

How do you find the breaking news to link to your brand?  Use social media #hashtags to see what can fit with your brand and is trending news.  These can be Instagram, Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn hashtags.

For example celebrity hashtags in the news at the moment are Amy Winehouse and Boris Johnson (new UK conservative leader) and of course Donald Trump! The biggest tweets as we speak are linking Boris Johnson as a "Britain Trump". Think how a financial services company in the UK or US could use this news.

Political Trending Issues

Issues that are trending are always news depending on where you live.  In Ontario, Canada one of the latest news stories is the proposal to sell liquor online and in variety stores.  This proposal is as a result of a survey by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.  If you are a wine producer you could use this breaking news to enhance your brand.  Weigh in on this news story right at the beginning before others are jumping on the survey.

If on the other hand your are an addiction therapist, you might have a completely different spin on opening up liquor sales on line.

Celebrity News

Anything to do with the "royals" is always a great way to piggy back on good news.  Trending earlier this year was Meghan Markle baby news, everything about the revamping of their home, the kind of birth, choosing a nanny, maternity leave for the royal, etc.  For brands that have anything to do with babies this can spark a lot of newsjacking.

It's newsworthy news on an upbeat subject that brands can totally spin content from all different angles.

Sports News

If your product is sports related, there is no limit to the relationship you can find with your product/service with the trending sports news.

Every week there is a new sporting event that you can mine that will have a trending hashtag whether it is hockey, tennis, golf, soccer, skating, ski-ing, olympic news, baseball, football, basketball, the list is endless.

Not only are the sporting events in the news but the sporting celebrities too. A clever marketing hack by The Condo Store in Toronto is a great example of newsjacking.  The Condo Store offered Kawhi Leonard a free penthouse if he re-signed with the Toronto Raptors.

Because Kawhi signed with the LA Clippers, The Condo Store didn't have to come through with their offer of a penthouse, but think of the free publicity the Condo Store got while Kawhi was in the news prior to his signing with the Clippers.  You can't buy that publicity, it was trending over the city for a few weeks.  I say "well done" to The Condo Store, they did a great job newsjacking.