How Do you Brand Your Company?

How Do you Brand Your Company?

Is branding your logo or is much more than that? We explore how to find your branding messages and grow brand awareness.

If branding was just your logo, then who would follow brands such as Nike and Starbucks, because honestly their logos are not too exciting.  The Nike tick and the Starbucks mermaid type figure really have nothing to do with athletic gear and coffee!

Branding Is Creating A Customer Experience

Author Simon Sinek talks about "Start With Why".  The idea is if you understand your "why" then everything else will flow from that.  Your company will find its purpose and from that purpose everything else will flow, creating a great customer experience.  When you think of Apple, you think of a great brand with a loyal following.  And if you've been in an Apple store you also get a great customer experience.


Simon Sinek "Why"

How To Best Explain a Company's Why

A large US industrial conglomerate, Parker Hannifin has been around for over 100 years, but in 2020 they have concentrated on sharing their purpose as their main marketing message.

This video emphasizes their "why".  It's not just about the multiple product lines that they have developed, it's more about how they are making the world a better place with a meaningful impact on the future.  The final message is that Parker is "enabling engineering breakthroughs for a better tomorrow".  This video creates a powerful marketing message.  See the Parker Hannifin "Purpose" video below.  It will give you some ideas for branding your business.

It's Not Your Company Name or Logo That's Important, it's Your Message

In branding exercises with startups, at the beginning often the focus is on a dynamic company name or logo, but that isn't where the focus should be.

Take the name "Ancestry".   We all know that means where you have come from, who are your ancestors.   But today is a powerful brand that helps you find your history by signing up on the website and submitting a swab of your dna.

Ancestry has produced some great messaging about families tracing their origins and the unexpected results.  It's all in the story telling.

What Should You Do To Create Your Brand?

1)  Find your "why"

2)  Find out how you are going to deliver your "why"

3)  Be authentic in telling your stories of what you do to help your customers

In our branding blog we share these three easy steps to make it simple to understand.  And if you are still stuck, we are happy to help get you back on track.