How a #blog can generate 90,000 connections a year?? Most can't!!

How a #blog can generate 90,000 connections a year?? Most can't!!

Bloggers. Local Business Owners. Marketers. Why do you keep fighting?

Media Properties

Before the Internet, media properties (successful media properties) were successful for a reason.

They had ALL of the ingredients to make it work.

1) Subscribers, traffic or eyeballs.  Without people picking up your media and going there, you have nothing.  You can have the best content in the world, but if very few people go, you are writing for yourself.

Before the Internet, media properties, would BUY Print and distribution and pre sell a number.  Distribution of 50,000. Distribution of 500,000.  It was a big financial commitment that media companies made and they sold the excitement of distribution to a massive audience.

So you have to ask yourself HONESTLY, are you getting consistent enough traffic to say your media property (Blog) is successful? Or are you just putting content up and hoping???

2) Strategic Content. We also ALL know National Geographic. Great pictures, great stories, great focus, GREAT VALUE.  For $9-12 we can go on a JOURNEY and we could find ourselves in parts of the world reading stories we had never been before.

National Geographic had a monopoly on this content before the Internet.  But they produced incredible content and enough of it, that we came back for more.

A good media property is one you want to go back to.

Are you creating enough content to sustain a media property?  Some bloggers definitely do this. They have great content.  Do you? If you don't,that's ok.

3) Targeted Delivery. You need to deliver this content to people that want it.  Lot's of them.  It isn't enough to just get traffic.  Random visitors to your media property, may provide no value.

If you are honest...

If you don't satisfy the above 3 criteria, you are writing for yourself.  It is extremely difficult with all of the options available online to sustain a SUCCESSFUL media property.  Don't worry, you are not ALONE.  There are hundreds of millions, if not billions of blogs that get very little traffic.

The answer?

Klusster.  That's Right. Create A Klusster

Back to 90,000

Fortunately, we are getting to the point online where people now know they can't do this alone.  It's just not possible.

So many travel bloggers thought they were going to travel, tell stories and make money. The vast majority can't.

So many local business owners had dreams of a blog and people reading their blog on a regular basis and getting new business. No luck.

There is strength in numbers

Case Study

In Burlington Ontario, a GROUP of local businesses decided they had had enough, they couldn't reach enough people on their own.  They formed an alliance called HEALTHY LIFE BURLINGTON and began to reach more people.  Thousands!

Collectively this group used Klusster to upload their content/stories/products to a central location.  They created a brand. They worked together. They built a media property.  90,000 connections!!!

Why are you working alone? Do you satisfy all the above ingredients to a successful media property? If not, it's time to form a Klusster.