Foundation-Trust-Distribution. The Keys To #localbusiness Success Online & Off!

Foundation-Trust-Distribution. The Keys To #localbusiness Success Online & Off!

For local business and small business owners, consistently keeping these three words top of mind will drive continued growth. Oh, and patience too.

The Foundation

To have success, you need to start with a strong foundation.  Taking the time to strategically plan your business , KNOW your business and subsequently the website for your business is worth the time and effort.

OFFLINE Foundation Success:

It starts with knowing your business.  What is it that you are good at?  What is it that you can provide value for money? What is it really worth?

Taking the time to truly plan your business is one of the most important things you can do. EVERYTHING starts from this point.  All future success comes from a detailed blueprint of your business.

ONLINE Foundation Success:

The foundation of your ONLINE success starts with your website. We see many, many websites.  Our biggest suggestion for the average business to is to take 20% of the time building and designing your website and 80% of your time creating content for your website. Often it's the reverse.

The facts are clear.  You can get found online much easier with a FOUNDATION of content that provides your user with quality messaging.

Google has billions of customers and their job is to send people to the best possible results. So therefore ask one simple question. Would Google send someone to a website with lots of foundational content or very little foundational content?

The Simple Website Checklist:

1. 10-20 pages that provide a foundation to your business. e.g. If you are a chiropractor, discuss the types of modalities you practice each on a single page.

2. A form on every single one of those pages.

3. A landing page or two. When you drive traffic to these pages, you can track the engagement rate of these pages and measure if you are triggering responses.


These days, information is more readily available for consumers to make decisions than ever before.  It's important to consider that to gain business success, other businesses are out their physically and online continually providing information to build trust.

OFFLINE Trust Success

It might start with a piece of paper? A degree, a certificate, an education might start to lay the foundation of trust.  It might start with a previous success and now you have ventured out on your own.

If you think about why a business might be willing to give away something in order to build trust, that give away, might pay for itself 10 times over.

Trust is a process.  You might consider building trust with someone with influence.  Perhaps you are a financial planner and gaining the confidence of an accountant may provide you new business opportunity when the time is right.

ONLINE Trust Success

**The most important thing you will ever read.

Building Trust Online is the key to success of business.  Your goal is to provide something to your potential clients to enable them to gain confidence in what you do. You can provide this trust directly or you can provide this trust indirectly through someone referencing or endorsing you online.

Are you an accountant?  An accountant providing knowledge on tax strategies is a way to build trust.  Are you a chiropractor? A chiropractor manipulates the spine.  Talk about a risk? How does a chiropractor build trust when it comes to such a delicate service? Same thing.  The chiropractor imparts knowledge on their future clients so they feel more comfortable.

There is more to online trust.  Google attempts to measure trust and therefore represent some element of trust to their users.  They are looking for the businesses that are providing information (content) and whether that information has been validated or endorsed by the worldwide web.


If you have a good foundation and you have the knowledge to build trust, you need a way for this information to be imparted.

OFFLINE Distribution Success:

Building relationships in your community is a must to distribute your message.  For those of you that think you can build a business without getting to know people, you are in for a tough road.  Phone calls, conference calls, networking events, are all ways you can meet new people to help build new relationships that can influence your business.

OFFLINE Distribution Success:

There is a basic system that powers Google.  Google (And People) are looking for content that is validated. Constantly.

What does this mean? It means just because you think you have great content on your website, doesn't mean everyone else does.

In order to prove that your content is of actual value, your website and thoughts need to be validated by other people. Distributed.

Whatever you put online, the goal is to increase the distribution of this content to the right people.

The best way to accomplish this is for you to create content pertaining to and linking to your website content and having your content be "endorsed" or SHARED throughout the Internet by relevant parties.

How do you do this?

Let's Keep It Simple

1. Create Good Content

2. Make Sure It is Easily Shared.

impart knowledge, deliver trust

Build A Foundation - Deliver Trust - Grow Business

Klusster empowers businesses to grow a foundation of content to DISTRIBUTE TRUST to potential customers through the creation of PEER PUBLICATIONS.