Fantastic Content from Entrepreneur Experts

Fantastic Content from Entrepreneur Experts

We curated our podcasts to bring you the best ideas from some fabulous business experts.

Leadership and Employee Engagement for Small Business with Kristin Deese

Since the pandemic, leadership and employee engagement for small business has become even more important as the workplace has changed so much in the last couple of years. Our expert, Kristin Deese, the founder of Catalyst Consulting and Mind Your Business Academy is just the person who can guide you through any struggles you may have about leadership and employee engagement.  Listen to her top tips here

Technology Overload with Robert Krecak

In this segment Robert Krecak talks about how we can become completely overwhelmed with the digital world.   In today’s climate, stress and burnout are at an all-time high. Employees are losing time, health and joy to poor technology hygiene. It’s nearly impossible to focus. Let’s explore all the different ways we can avoid technology overload, with our expert Rob Krecak and put humans first.  Listen to this episode here.

Learning to Bet on Yourself - A Solopreneur Journey with Dennis Geelen

Dennis Geelen thought it would be easy to transition from a successful Corporate career into entrepreneurship.   He discovered the journey was full of twists and turns.  He was able to turn all his mistakes around, write a book and develop a course to document his journey to success.   For anyone starting in entrepreneurship this is a must listen to episode.  Click here for our interview.

The Scout Guide from Startup to Successful Franchise with Susie Matheson and Christy Ford

Susie was a stay at home Mom who started a blog and Christy ran a store with her Mom and was also a photographer.   These two extraordinary ladies created The Scout Guide for small businesses in small towns.  They feature local businesses in local "Scout Guides".   Visitors to the towns with a Scout Guide learn about some fabulous stores they can visit while in the area.

This startup now has 74+ franchises in the United States.

Susie and Christy share their story to inspire others to launch their own business from a creative idea and develop it into a whole community of franchises.   This episode can be heard here.