Compelling Selling

Compelling Selling

How to understand buyer styles and adapt your selling style to fit the buyer and close more sales!

Our latest guest on the Fabulous Fempreneurship podcast is Dr. Nancy Zare.  She can help you feel more at ease in the sales conversation.

In her book, Compelling Selling  Nancy explains the different buyer types:

The Red-Hot Buyer

In a hurry, excited, interrupts, wants the latest and greatest and has an urgency as a buyer.  If you don't respond immediately, (within hours) this buyer has already moved on and either purchased something else or bought from someone else.

Harmonious Buyer

Wants to build a relationship with the seller.  Will take time to develop that relationship and is looking for a friend connection.  A harmonious buyer also embraces causes and takes their time in making buying decisions.

Orderly Buyer

This kind of buyer is going to do research.  They like rules and stability, order and budget.  They are known for looking at the details and understanding the nuances of offers and will ask questions until they have a good understanding of the differences between offers.

Educated Buyers

These buyers are much slower to make up their minds.  If you think the orderly buyer does research, the educated buyer does even more.  They love technology and you might even call them nerdy.  These buyers take the longest to close.

Want to learn more about how you have sales conversations with these different buyer types, then tune into our podcast here.  You can also purchase a copy of Nancy's amazing book from this link.

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Compelling Selling

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