5 Tools to help you Positively Boost Your Marketing Presence

5 Tools to help you Positively Boost Your Marketing Presence

Do not let your marketing efforts go to waste! Streamline and simplify your work by using these 5 tools to boost your marketing presence:

Marketing is all about 3 things:

Innovation and creativity

Reaching the right audience

Staying ahead of the curve

However, if a team is unable to channel creativity into marketing campaigns, has difficulty aligning their efforts with the right audience, or has trouble keeping up with the trends, I got some bad news for you.

Marketing is one department where it is important to grab the right opportunity at the right time. What you do and how you do it, carries weight. Everything you do, all the steps you take have to account for something significant.

I have curated a list for the marketing teams that want to make this happen, who want to stand out, stay ahead, and win.

#1 Manage Your Campaign With ProofHub

If you wish to never miss a deadline, map out all your milestones, set reminders, ProofHub is definitely your best bet. It will help you visualize your workflow, schedule your tasks, keep a record of important contact information and passwords.

Here are some unique features of ProofHub that will interest you the most:

Discussions: Bouncing off ideas has never been as easy as ProofHub will make it for you. With this tool, you can create different discussion topics pertaining to different projects and tasks where your team can pitch in ideas in the form of text, graphics, or documents.

Notebooks: With ProofHub you will get to keep track of all information whether it pertains to the contacts and leads you are generating, or important texts and links. The app allows teams to create comprehensive notes together and keep a directory of virtually everything.

Kanban Boards: Track task progress, collaborate with your team, provide extensive task descriptions, and use custom fields to keep the important information organized.

Gantt Charts: ProofHub facilitates users with expressive Gantt charts that help track progress, keep tabs on project dependencies, and keep an eye on upcoming milestones.

#2 Pitch Ideas with Venngage

All marketing campaigns are born from a conclusive brainstorming session. But it matters how people come up with their ideas, how they present them, and later pitch them. For that, you have tools like Venngage. This tool is going to help you create comprehensive graphics, infographics, presentations, and more, to get your idea across.

Here’s why this tool will be a valuable asset to your marketing team:

Templates: Venngage facilitates users with a variety of templates pertaining to infographics, timeline, report, data visualization, diagram, presentation, and more.

Mind Maps: Create mind maps to gather ideas and consider options to present in your meetings. This will help you come to a conclusion after brainstorming meetings.

Uploads: Venngage allows you to upload upwards of 100 pictures from your device to your account.

Creative Access: It comes with controls to help keep files private. You can make your documents accessible to those you want to give access to and hidden from those you don’t.

#3 Cater To Your Leads With Acquire.io

Acquire.io is the go-to software platform for acquiring as many leads as you can as fast as possible. This is the tool that will help you gather leads by tapping into customer experiences. It actively helps teams drive revenue from all the social platforms you can think of. It helps you create a space for customers where they can feel catered to.

Here’s why you need to invest in Acquire.io:

Customizable chatbots: Acquire comes with modifiable chatbots that can be personalized in terms of messages, color schemes, and more.

Targeted messages: With this tool, you will be able to send targeted messages to your potential customers according to their user statistics.

Prompt Response: The chatbots will help you prompt the visitors of your website to submit their email.

Gather Statistics: Acquire helps digitize, categorize, and document user statistics according to search behavior.

#4 Schedule Social Activities With Buffer

Having a social media marketing plan is a no-brainer for teams that are looking to expand their customer base. However, one must know that implementing a social media strategy/campaign can be a cumbersome process. That is where Buffer comes in. Buffer acts as a centralized control center for all activities social media related.

Here are some of the best features of Buffer:

Plan: The platform helps you plan content that you need to put out. For instance, it will help you schedule and plan Instagram posts and stories.

Link Grid: With Buffer, adding things to the “Link in bio” will be an easy-breezy task. It helps you automate a link tree that is as sturdy as it is visually pleasing.

Hashtags: Create, edit, save, store, and organize your hashtags to keep your posts aligned with your message and the interests of your customers/followers.

Reports: Create custom reports giving a detailed account of all the statistics of user data and easily share these within the team.

#5 Collaborate With Your Team Using Troop Messenger

A marketing team would simply come to halt in terms of productivity if something is to hamper their communication. Troop Messenger is an ideal software solution for marketing teams to bounce off ideas, share links, and collaborate in real-time.

Here are some features of Troop Messenger that I would like to highlight:

Instant Messaging: It is a useful application that helps teams share messages and document incoming and outgoing messages.

Respond Later: Label messages “respond later” so that you can get back to your teammates as soon as possible.

Redo message: It provides you the ability to edit, modify and make additions to messages that have already been sent out.

Audio messages: Troop Messenger also facilitates users with the ability to send audio messages instantly.

#6 Improve Your Customer Communication With LiveAgent

The importance of establishing a unique and long-lasting personal relationship with each customer cannot be overstated. Any successful customer relationship begins with effective communication. LiveAgent enables you to communicate with your customers via any standard channel.

LiveAgent offers a variety of valuable features, including:

Hybrid ticket stream: Customer can start a live chat conversation, follows it up by email or phone, but thanks to the hybrid ticket stream, support reps can track the interaction across multiple channels within one ticket thread. As a result, they gain deeper insights into their customers' problems.

Proactive chat invitations: Engage your web visitors while they're browsing your website with a proactive chat invitation. Create different chat invitations for other various groups in multiple languages.

IVR (Interactive voice response): Automatically route calls using an interactive voice response system. The system will interact with the customers when they call your customer support line and direct them to a proper department or agent.

Customer Portal: Self-service is a growing trend of providing support. Having a customer portal with an accessible knowledge base allows you to provide customer support 24/7. You can also create knowledge bases just for your employees or multiple knowledge bases for different types of content.

To Summarize:

If we could do a quick run-down of the whole list presented above, you would see that these tools will prove to be indispensable to your marketing team. These 5 tools would certainly help you invite more productivity and efficiency to the team.

And, since all of these tools come with a free trial, I suggest you sign up for all of them and see for yourself how it will help your marketing presence evolve in a short time window.

Good luck!