4 Animals that teach us to how make any business organization a success !

4 Animals that teach us to how make any business organization a success !

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Every individual is born with key skills and strengths that make them flourish and survive in our eco system.

Humans are an integral part of the same ecosystem .We have evolved rapidly in the last few centuries and planning to populate Mars in the next decade but we still have a lot to learn from other organisms around us. The quest to become a better version of ourselves from what we were yesterday never stops and results often surprise us to what we are capable of achieving .

These 4 animals mentioned have such distinct skill sets that when they come together can transform any business into an overnight success. Most businesses are too focused on what they want to become rather than focusing on what needs to be done in order to be successful. Organizations need to have a good balance of key skill sets these animals teach us for being able to deliver the optimum performance . These rules hold equally true for any small business or an entrepreneur as they do for a big organization .

EAGLE: Epitome of vision, planning and execution.

It is of utmost importance that an organisation knows what they want to be known for or be the best in and that requires vision . 'Vision' and "Big Picture" is critical in today's competitive business environment where every one wants to sell everything to everyone. The eagle takes advantage of the very storm that lesser birds fear and head for cover. Organizations that thrive on challenges and use them profitably imbibe these characteristics.

DEER : Innovation , Flexibility and calmness.

Deer is one of the most flexible animal and it depends on its ability to react with speed and accuracy to save its life on an everyday basis in the forest. It innovates its moves based on the trajectory it needs to follow to save its life when being hunted . It is of utmost importance that businesses are open to capturing any new streak they see in the sky and react fast to the ever changing world we live in . There has to be an inbuilt ‘Innovation Mindset’ to look at every challenge and a positive attitude to overcome it. Calmness in the moments of downtime also allows us to re energies ourselves to be ready when the next opportunity strikes .

ANT: Team work, productivity and ignore any little diversions.

What really makes a business is TEAM work. A sense of working towards the same shared goal. Each and every individual in the organization has to be invested in the goal the leader sets to achieve and believe in it .Its very important to bypass any small distractions that may come by and maintain focus on the final productivity goal . Respect of the fact that no individual is bigger than the combined goal of an organization is critical.

HONEY BEE: Systems and structured discipline.

Honey Bees never deviate from the system that they need to build a hexagonal matrix while making the hive .It is incredibly important for employees in an organization to work in sync and follow approved systems . Following systems and process allows for tasks with predictability become easier and more productive which delivers increased productivity . If a process is repetitive in nature it should simple follow a set of rules . Rules must be reviewed systematically on a side note consistently to and reduce any negative impact .