Members get FREE GUEST SPOTLIGHT "ADS" on any network #content with Boomerang

Members get FREE GUEST SPOTLIGHT "ADS" on any network #content with Boomerang

Add your brand and links to Klusster network content. It's easy.

Klusster is home to a network of 30,000+ content partners that work together to reach more people online and deliver quality content.

In short, we are a network of businesses that share each others content.

  1. We have members that upload great content for others.
  2. We have members that need great content for their audience.
  3. Most members both upload and share network content and LOVE Klusster Boomerang.

What Is Klusster Boomerang?

Find a post you like and get a FREE Spotlight "AD" on this content

To attach your BRAND & LINKS to another network member post:

  1. Create a Klusster account.
  2. Create a branded profile. Upload quality content.  The rest is easy.  We attach your brand. articles and links automatically to posts you share.
  3. Upload quality content to your portfolio.

The rest is easy...

We automatically attach your brand, articles and links to posts you share.

What are the benefits of sharing other content?

  1. Your brand and links get added to the content you share.
  2. Your audience get's exposed to information that they might like.
  3. You don't need to create the content to build your brand and relationship with your audience.
  4. You build authority around the web.

What goes on my guest spotlight "AD"?

If you create a good profile and upload you some great content, your logo, your latest Klusster posts and your social and website links appear as below on all content you distribute:

Members get FREE GUEST SPOTLIGHT "ADS" on any network #content with Boomerang

Can others share my content?

Of course!!!

While you leverage other network content to build your brand, fellow network members can leverage your great content for their audience the same way you do.

What kind of content should I upload?

The better the content, the greater chance of it being shared on someone's social media. We highly encourage business owners and marketers to create QUALITY CONTENT to increase chances of the network sharing your content.

Why is it called Boomerang?

We call it Boomerang, because when you share great content, good things come back to you. Just like a boomerang.

  1. Your audience will know you are the one that sent them a value-added piece of content
  2. People can easily see your AD and have access to your content.
  3. Your links are getting distributed on valuable content online.

What does the Sponsored "AD" look like on another members content?

Here is a sample post by one member that shared content from another network member.  Everyone wins!!

Members get FREE GUEST SPOTLIGHT "ADS" on any network #content with Boomerang

How much does this cost??

It's included in your membership.  You can share as many fellow network member content as you would like.

Right now, life-time membership is FREE, but it won't last long.  Create your account today, and upload your content to our network, and others can share your content FREE for life!!!

Can I get started?

Join a network working together to reach more people online.

  1. Sign Up To Klusster.
  2. Create your profile. Upload your content.
  3. Klusster will auto feed your content global network of partners for greater distribution.

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