What is Klusster?

What is Klusster?

Klusster is a CONTENT DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM! If you are a standalone business, part of a group or a digital marketer, Klusster magnifies content reach.

Klusster users benefit from our platform in 3 ways.

1. Our users get more content delivered through membership in built-in global distribution network.

When you upload your content to Klusster, your content is automatically streamed to a network of thousands of potential partners that can leverage your content for their audience.

Cool, how does it work?

When our users share ANY content from the platform, not only does your content get greater reach, but our users are credited with distribution and get a FREE Boomerang AD on each piece of content they distribute.

2. Our users can assemble their own content networks to distribute more content through a GROUP BLOG.

Imagine 2, 10 or even 50 businesses getting together to build a cooperative online destination that drives significantly more traffic to each business?

Klusster GROUP publishing makes it easy for businesses to create a custom GROUP BLOG or "eMagazine" to increase distribution to a much larger network.

Are you ready to reach more people?  You already may have a network!!

3. Finally, our users can utilize or curate the content from the platform to help build their brand and add value to their social media audience.

With Klusster both the content provider and the content distributor benefit. Learn more about the Klusster Boomerang Program today.

Klusster Features

  1. Easily UPLOAD UNLIMITED pieces of quality content.
  2. Place a SOCIAL SPONSORED AD on any content you wish to endorse with Klusster Boomerang
  3. Create GROUP POWERED BLOGS with your staff or fellow like-minded businesses.
  4. Track stats, collects leads and see your ONLINE VISIBILITY GROW BY UP TO 20X
  5. Generate new SEO RANKING OPPORTUNITY from others distributing your content.

What users say?

"Getting content distributed is key to improved Google Rankings. Ever since we started our Klusster content distribution program, we have started to gain new clients from search terms we were never found for previously.  We have had 1000s of organic content views in our Publication too." Dr. M - Chiropractor
"Every business should be Klusstering content vs constantly going it alone.  Our Klusster network has collaborated together to generate over 120,000 clicks of content in our Klusster powered publication, THIS IS BURLINGTON"  A.K. Health Professional.
"Using Klusster, our own content has been distributed over 17,000 times.  Not bad for a local business. In addition to increased traffic to our messages, our organic search traffic improved by over 800% as a result of our Klusster participation" LB Spa Owner.

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