Congrats! You've Been Invited To Participate In A GROUP Blog (Klusster)

Congrats! You've Been Invited To Participate In A GROUP Blog (Klusster)

We can walk you through this. It's Easy.

Congrats, you have been invited to join a Klusster Publication

All around the world, new networks of business are forming and existing networks are forming online alliances that we like to call Klussters.

To Klusster, is the act of bringing businesses/authors/organizations together to create a "Group Powered Blog"

By working together, businesses leverage the content of other businesses for their social media and they get their content distributed to a brand new audience by members of their group blog. (Klusster)

The good news.

You are now on your way to generate more visibility of your messages.

The basics of Klusster are summarized into 3 steps:

  1. A business CREATES Content on Klusster (This is you)
  2. They ADD it to a group powered publication/blog. (This is you, too!)
  3. The GROUP MEMBERS ALL help distribute. Easy eh?
  4. Everyone reaches more people.

Here is the detailed version.

The flowchart below walks you through a few more steps, but, it's essentially the same as above.

Congrats! You've Been Invited To Participate In A GROUP Blog (Klusster)

Why this all works?

Klusster provides 3 main features to make a group work well together.

1.  Each member of a group is guided how to create strong content for their business for not only their group but Google with the Klusster SEO Score.

2. Klusster has developed a built in alert system for all members of a group so they know when new content has been posted into a group blog.  With 2 clicks each member can share content on social media.

3. Finally, with Klusster, we collect the sharing stats of all members in the group.  All members are help accountable for their part in the success.  Remember, the Klusster is "owned" by the group.  And groups can be extremely powerful when they work together.

Once you understand Klusster you will be off to the races in no time.