2 SUPER COOL WAYS the #digitalmarketer can build a 6 figure income with Klusster

2 SUPER COOL WAYS the #digitalmarketer can build a 6 figure income with Klusster

Get started today and grow your digital marketing practice faster with the Klusster platform.

What is Klusster?

Klusster is a publishing platform and content engine that enables marketers to help their clients REACH MORE PEOPLE and IMPROVE SEO through the creation of a QUALITY ONLINE PUBLICATION and more systematic distribution program.

Within days, Klusster can help YOU help your clients generate up to 20X the exposure online they are currently experiencing.

Don't Get Left Out In The Cold

alone, together, you decide

Create A Klusster Publication For Your Clients

1. Build A TEAM Publication

Great For: Real Estate, Non-Profits, Local Spas, Network Marketers & more.

Some entities (local businesses & sales networks) already have the ingredients to get more exposure. They have great content, it's just they require a bit of help to develop a more systematic way to deliver this content. Klusster!

If you or your client has:

  1. An appreciation for SEO
  2. Staff or Others that also want to advocate for the business

A TEAM Publication is perfect.

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Create A Publication For Clients With Strong Teams

Who can create a SEO TEAM Publication?

  1. A FRANCHISE business with multiple franchises
  2. A Network Marketing business with an active sales team.
  3. A Distributor that represents multiple products.
  4. A Real Estate Office
  5. A LOCAL SALON with multiple professionals that want to help the business grow.
  6. A LOCAL Restaurant with a staff that wants to see more business.
  7. A NON-Profit Organization with an active volunteer base.

A SOLO TEAM Publication Case Study:

WP Creations has 35 franchise owners that each had a separate social media strategy.  The company decided to create a Klusster Powered publication to provide all franchise owners a consistent set of content to their audiences.

Not to mention, WP creations was able to ASSIGN the leads from select promotional content engagement to each of the individual franchise owners.

The Results: Through the creation of a single TEAM PUBLICATION...

  1. The 35 franchise owners have on point messaging to distribute to their social media audience.
  2. WP Creations gets significantly more consolidated message distribution.
  3. The Franchise owners no longer stress about what to put on social media.
  4. The franchises can collect the leads from the consumers that they brought to the publication

Check Out My Family Matters SEO Team Publication

2. Build A PEER Publication

Great For: Existing Networks, Local Business Alliances, B2B and more...

With This is Burlington, we are  a group of community business owners that  benefit from our OWN publication.  It's nice knowing multiple business are working together to benefit each other. "This is Burlington" has magnified my reach and improved my SEO for several keywords and measurably increased my business!” Naiomi - Bodhi Bar

A PEER publication occurs when multiple Klusster users combine their content and distribution assets to reach a much larger group.

If you have clients that:

  1. Are not reaching enough people online.
  2. Are part of an existing network (2 or more)
  3. Want to work with other business owners

A Group Or PEER publication is a powerful option.

2 SUPER COOL WAYS the #digitalmarketer can build a 6 figure income with Klusster

Start Working With A Group Online

Who can you help with a PEER or GROUP Publication

  1. A group of local health businesses.
  2. A larger PEER group that services the same audience.
  3. An existing network of like minded businesses.
  4. A Local Real Estate Group that wishes to partner with other local home service providers.

A PEER Publication Case Study (Local Businesses)

In small towns, local businesses don't have the resource to dominate traditional media.  By forming a PEER Publication, a group of LOCAL professionals in Burlington, Ontario realized they were stronger together and could combine their Social Media to reach more people online.

The Results: 20 Local businesses with a community marketer, went on to form "This is Burlington" and generated 180K+ referred views of content in their Klusster Publication  at a fraction of the cost of Google Or FB PPC distribution costs.

And ... the digital marketer generated $100K+ in revenues as a result.

Check out the "ONE LIFE Burlington" PEER Publication


Every business has the ability to reach more people through systematic approach to distribution.

Right now, businesses that wish to form alliances or consolidate a fragmented social media audience have the ability to truly reach more people.

Marketers, Local Business Owners - It's time to build a PEER Publication