Klusster Network Content Guidelines & Suggestions.

Klusster Network Content Guidelines & Suggestions.

We are excited you have chosen Klusster to get more visibility to your content. The guidelines below will help you get the most out of YOUR network membership.


At Klusster we have over 100,000 content partners with over 200,000 pieces of content uploaded

We are fast becoming a leader in content syndication.

RULE #1 - Create helpful and legitimate content

To create the best possible experience:

  1. When creating content on Klusster we expect all content creators to create a logical flow with images, text, video and hyperlinks and a purpose.
  2. You are welcome to promote your business, but first and foremost, Klusster is intended to help people with some sort of issue.  We do not accept "spammy" promotional content.

We have over 200,000 articles, guest posts, blog posts, and pieces of content in the network and it is our expectation that all content providers will adhere to a certain standard.

What kinds of content do we accept?

  1. Good Stories.
  2. Instructional or how-to content.
  3. Advertising content from legitimate business that clearly represent the benefits of your company.
  4. Opinion content that references other quality content on the internet.
    1. Please note, we welcome differences of opinion that has positive intention.
  5. Recipes, YouTube videos that entertain or provide instruction.

In short, content that is intended to positively benefit the reader.

What kind of content do we NOT accept?

  1. Content with intentions to trick or deceive people or organizations.
  2. Content from accounts with false profiles or incomplete profiles
  3. Content with excessive or unnatural links for purposes of link building only.
  4. Content that is falsely representing a person or organization.
  5. Content that might harm children, people in any way.
  6. Gambling related content.
  7. Spammy content that is "copied and pasted" without flow of message and clarity.
  8. Lazy created content with no titles or flow.
  9. Content with low Klusster SEO Scores
  10. Content with phone numbers, emails, websites in Titles and Descriptions or plastered throughout.
  11. Online Pharmacies and related content
  12. False Tech Support and Other Phishing Scams
  13. Pornography and escort services
  14. Money laundering schemes
  15. Weapon content or guns content.
  16. Hate-filled content or any threatening content of its kind.
  17. Exam Dumps content.

Unfortunately, the internet has brought about many opportunities to harm people and as a platform, like Google, Bing and other content engines, we want to participate in improving peoples lives.

Where we stand with Google.

We believe that Google and other search engines are aligned with our thinking.  To learn more about Google see their quality content guides too.

Why do we want QUALITY content?

Our goal is to make business owners' lives easier and increase the distribution of their content.  By creating quality content, more users can leverage/curate your content for their own audience. The higher quality of our network content, the more visibility your company will get.

Guest Posts & Links On Klusster & Paid Advertising For Links

We understand SEO and "blackhat" SEO tactics.  Subsequently, all external links on our site are currently rel=UGC.

We are a publishing platform for others and we are completely comfortable with our users creating quality content to reference a website.

We DO NOT accept paid links on our platform.  Our intention is and will continue to be to develop a quality network of content for users to add value to their audiences in various capacities.

We have developed a unique spotlight ad program where users can share other content and earn an "in-content spotlight AD" for sharing other content.

There is no exchange of money for this.

Requesting Your Content In A Niche Network Blog

As you are aware, Klusster enables businesses to work together to create GROUP BLOGS.  Our site is an open platform and you are welcome to submit a request your content into a fellow network members GROUP BLOG.

They may or may not approve your content depending on the "rules" of their GROUP BLOG. Most users have a high quality standard to work with others.

All content regardless needs to adhere to Klusster Quality Standards

We understand that some content that is offensive to one is not offensive to another.  What is most important is that your content is educational on a topic, even if controversial.

Again, when creating content, we expect you to provide the reader with value.

Content Deletion & Banning Policy

We do scan the platform regularly for what we consider POOR or SPAMMY content. This content will be deactivated by our staff.

You will have the opportunity to improve upon it, but repeat offenders will have their accounts deactivated.  If this content is currently approved in a network member blog, it will be deactivated from their blog regardless.  You will have the opportunity to resubmit this content if it meets Klusster guidelines.

Requests To Remove Content

If you find content that infringes or you think infringes on our policies, please fill out the attached form.


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Klusster Network Content Guidelines & Suggestions.

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