Klusster Network #Content Quality Guidelines & Suggestions.

Klusster Network #Content Quality Guidelines & Suggestions.

We are excited you have chosen Klusster to get more visibility to your content. The guidelines below will help you get the most out of YOUR network membership.

1. Klusster aims for HIGH QUALITY CONTENT

At Klusster we have over 35,000 content partners and are fast becoming a leader in content syndication.

When creating content on Klusster we expect all content creators to create a logical flow with images, text, video and hyperlinks and a purpose.

You are welcome to promote your business, but first and foremost Klusster is intended to help people with some sort of issue.  We do not accept "spammy" promotional content.

Your best bet is to create content that our other content partners would share with their network. If you content doesn't get shared by the network, it likely has little value.

We are NOT an advertising site. We are a quality content site.

Even if you are a restaurant, you can build value with your audience by providing quality recipes or quality cooking tips and not just promotions.

2. What is spammy?

Although Klusster is used to help businesses grow, Klusster is not intended for users to spam phone numbers, spam keywords and spam links.

Use common sense and understand if you are making very little effort on your content, you are likely not creating quality content and this content could be deactivated.

3. Why do we want QUALITY content?

We are a network.  We all work together.  We are a GLOBAL network of content partners.  We work together to deliver more content.  By creating quality content, more users can leverage/curate your content for their own audience. The higher quality our network content the more visibility your company will get.

4. Requesting Your Content In A Niche Network Blog

As you are aware, Klusster enables businesses to work together to create GROUP BLOGS.  Our site is an open platform and you are welcome to submit a request your content into a fellow network members GROUP BLOG.

They may or may not approve your content depending on the "rules" of their GROUP BLOG. Most users have a high quality standard to work with others. Please note: all content regardless needs to adhere to Klusster Quality Standards

5. Offensive Content

We understand that some content that is offensive to one is not offensive to another.  What is most important is that your content is educational on a topic, even if controversial.  Again, when creating content, we expect you to provide the reader with value.


  • Positive educational content
  • Experiential content, lessons, how to content
  • Informative learning content


  • Content for the purpose of deceptive or outright link building
  • Content that is intended to harm another person or organization
  • Content with a low SEO or content score on our editor.
  • Content where a users is falsly impersonating another in any way
  • Content that might be considered only an advertisement with little value
  • Content that represents unfounded theories without organized thought
  • Content that promotes hate or intolerance.

6. Content Deletion & Banning

We do scan the platform regularly for what we consider POOR or SPAMMY content. This content will be deactivated by our staff.

You will have the opportunity to improve upon it, but repeat offenders will have their accounts deactivated.  If this content is currently approved in a network member blog, it will be deactivated from their blog regardless.  You will have the opportunity to resubmit this content if it meets Klusster guidelines.


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