Help! I need help with SEO

Help! I need help with SEO

Well, we all know it. People go to Google to find you. But how do you get found online?

The Goal

The goal is simple. You want more people to come to your website. Right?

We have a saying, "To get found online, you need content online"  The truth is, that's all Google does.  They look for content from business owners to give them confidence that they are alive, well and customer focused.

When is the last time you put content online?  Be Honest!

Ok, Ok, We Can Help!

We understand that business owners are busy. We also understand that SEO is a NEW thing.  So let's start with a common sense education.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION which is a fancy way of say, how do you create content online so that Google highlights you in their search results.  You optimize it.  Ha!

What is optimizing content?

Again, in really simple terms, optimal content is:

a) creating enough and

b) making it easily understood.

So where do you optimize it? (Great Question)


If you want to get found online, you first need a foundation of content on your website.  It's HIGHLY LIKELY that your business has a whole lot going on.  You might have different products, services and you might solve all kinds of problems that people have. Google and people want to know what's going on!!

THE WEBSITE FOUNDATION is key because it shows you have the capability, the qualifications to help. This is PART 1 of SEO. The WEBSITE FOUNDATION


Second. Part 2 of SEO.  This is where the world has changed.  You need to continuously SUPPORT YOUR FOUNDATION.

Where you once would spend money on an AD in a local newspaper each month, you now absolutely need to invest every month in supporting your foundation.

How do you do that?

There are 3 simple ways to SUPPORT YOUR FOUNDATION.  All of them require content creation.

1. Blogging - Writing blog posts is like the conversation that helps support your foundation.  A chiropractor may fix a bad back, but Google wants to know that the chiropractor is helping people with the bad back.  You might create a post on "Exercises to prevent a bad back" This is a great supporting blog.

When the consumer really needs help, this blog post has helped to build trust in the chiropractor.

2. Google My Business - Google Loves Google.  In the end, Google my business is NOT intended to replace the website, but help consumers filter their way to the website.

In the eyes of Google if a business is active in educating clients about whats going on, they likely are a stronger business.  This coupled with ranking of businesses really gives Google a good idea who to send their searchers to.

3. Third Party Help - Putting your content on ONLY your web real estate is valuable.  But what's really valuable is GETTING IT OUT THERE.  The more your content is referenced by third parties.  The more valuable it must be.

Google takes all of the above to account when making their decisions.

Who should we (Google) send people to today??

Who do we (Google) think is making an effort??

Who do we (Google) think has new stuff going on??


This is what we do.  We become part of your team and take all of this SEO off your plate.  We regularly will create content for you and we will do so with performance in mind.

Below is a graph of one of our clients  BEFORE an SEO program and AFTER an SEO program. We use multiple tools to help our clients.  We research KEYWORDS, we apply the research to help determine what content to create.

quality, content, deliver

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