Klusster for #salesteams & #distributors

Klusster for #salesteams & #distributors

Customers require educational content. Sales teams require content to educate consumers. Business needs and easy way to put this together.

Klusster For Sales Teams

Using Klusster to build a publication for your sales team is an easy solution to get your company messages delivered more and allow your sales team to do what they do best. Sell.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Set up your content on Klusster.
  2. Publish it to your branded publication.
  3. Add your staff to the Team distribution.

That's it.  The Klusster Engine then takes over and reminds your sales team of new content 2x/week.  From the reminder email, it is a 2-click process to create a social media post - no need to log in or hunt for content for the next post your team needs to make.  Finally, Klusster tracks the social sharing of your team so you can reward for traffic generated.

Content as a Lead Generation Tool

Each piece of content has a Call-to-Action form, prompting your readers to engage, creating a lead funnel.  You can determine if you want the leads sent to a central account, OR if you want the leads sent directly to the person who shared the content.  Elevate your content to being a lead generation tool for your team!

Distribution Challenges Solved!

The problem with most businesses is that they don't have the right combination of content coupled with EASY distribution.

With Klusster, you can set up your publication in a matter of minutes and add your sales team to the TEAM ALERTS to increase distribution.

Not to mention, when the time is right, you can invite other members into your publication for greater content and distribution.

What's Next?

Klusster provides you all you need to get your messages out there more:

  1. Automated reminder eMails for your sales team.
  2. Quick 2-click process to create a social post of content directly from the reminder eMail.
  3. Track each member and their distribution.
    1. Reward your staff for success.
  4. Understand which content is performing best.
  5. Ability to assign leads to your team members - use content to generate leads for each team member based on their social sharing and traction from their audience.

All you need is consistent creation of content, Klusster does the rest.

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