Klusster For Real Estate Brokerages

Klusster For Real Estate Brokerages

Klusster provides real estate brokers and their agents with one of the most powerful marketing alternatives today.

Klusster For Real Estate

Real Estate professionals understand the value of working together.  Most have developed referral alliances in the community and understand the power of the network.

What if we could amplify what you already do by 10X?

With Klusster, real estate professionals can put together a quality cost-effective (or even profitable) online publication in weeks.

There is nothing better for the consumer in the market for a home, than having the ability to see not only available real estate, but HOME PRODUCT and SERVICE providers that will inevitably be required when SELLING or BUYING a home.

Klusster enables real estate organizations to put together a QUALITY ALLIANCE publication to reach more people, sell more homes, and gain new customers.

How Does it Work?

  1. Create a Home Listing & Home Tips Publication with Klusster.
  2. Have your team of agents distribute the publication their social media:
    1. Build brokerage brand and agent brand simultaneously.
    2. Use the Klusster Team Engine to deliver the agents the LEADS.
    3. Track the agent distribution.
  3. Invite other AREA home service providers to be part of publication.
    1. Utilize your marketing team or a local marketer to develop and execute your strategy.

Did we mention that using the Klusster platform is absolutely FREE?

If you have a real estate team of 5 or more active on social media, Klusster is the solution you have been waiting for.

Next Steps?

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